Winter Wishes for Kids and Families

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The winter season often brings a certain magic with it that can inspire winter wishes for kids and families. Whether it's the first snowfall of the year, or you're in the middle of a deep freeze, cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa and work on making some of your wishes come true.

Wish List Memories

Remember making a wish list as a child? Maybe you were making your list before your annual visit to see Santa, or maybe you were making a list in the hopes that your birthday would bring you everything your heart desired. For whatever reason you created your particular wish list, chances are those wishes have come and gone, and new ones have taken their place.

Everyone has a secret wish list, regardless of his or her age. The wish list of a young child may be filled with the latest toys he spies on television. The wish list of an adult may include a wish for happiness in the new year to come. Winter wishes for kids and families are often filled with items and activities that revolve around this frosty season.

Making Winter Wishes for Kids and Families

What wishes can your family share? Have you considered making a list with your children, your spouse, and other relatives or even friends? What would it include? The following is a list of wishes that you might just want to share with your family. Take the list and make it your own, modifying, deleting, or adding to it as needed.

  • Wish for at least one winter snow even if you live in the Deep South.
  • Wish for a family winter vacation that everyone will enjoy, including your teenage daughter/son.
  • Wish for everyone to have a warm, toasty bed to curl up in on a cold winter's night.
  • Wish for the need for homeless shelters to be eliminated because everyone has his or her own place to sleep at night.
  • Wish for the good health of all your family members…no flu, no colds, and no reason to take sick days unless you just want to spend the day at home.
  • Wish for the time to enjoy the silence of a snow-covered forest.
  • Wish for the opportunity to take a walk in the woods with someone you love by your side.
  • Wish for the energy to have a snowball fight with your children.
  • Wish for the one perfect snowfall in which every snowball stays perfectly formed, every snowman maintains its shape, and every snow angel is a beautiful image.
  • Wish for the perfect coat that is warm, beautiful, and comfortable to wear any time of the day or night.
  • Wish for the opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa after playing outside on a cold, blustery day.
  • Wish for the chance to spend the day watching movies with the family, as everyone chooses his or her favorite video to watch.
  • Wish for a day in the front of a roaring fire, playing board games with members of your family.
  • Wish for the time to take a long nap in front of a crackling fire while the snow comes down outside.
  • Wish for the chance to help someone who isn't as blessed as you-whether you donate some clothes, cook some food, or shovel a driveway.
  • Wish for a day in which nobody complains, everyone smiles, and you feel content when you lay your head on the pillow that night.
  • Wish for a winter filled with Sundays in which you and your family spend the day together, worshipping, eating, and simply spending time together.
  • Finally, wish for the gift of more time, whether that means extending the holiday season or stretching out a day with the ones you love.

Does your family have wishes that you'd like to see added to this article? If so, please tell us in the comments section of this article.

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Winter Wishes for Kids and Families