Winter Trivia for Kids

Updated June 25, 2019
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Winter trivia for kids is a fun way to introduce interesting facts about winter and things associated with winter. As the weather gets colder, all sorts of cool things happen like snow storms and several holiday seasons. From holiday trivia for kids to winter weather, trivia is a great way to have fun and to learn things you didn't already know.

Printable Winter Holiday Trivia Questions and Answers

Test your winter knowledge with printable quizzes for kids. These winter holiday trivia questions cover popular American holidays and winter holidays celebrated around the world. Click on the image of the document to download or print 20 winter trivia questions with answers on a separate page. If you have trouble downloading or printing the trivia, check out the Adobe guide for troubleshooting tips. You can use the trivia as a quiz, for Jeopardy game questions, or to determine who gets to open their gifts first.

Kids' Winter Holiday Trivia
Kids' Winter Holiday Trivia

Fun Facts About Winter for Kids

Winter can encompass all sorts of topics, like winter weather and holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Day. Fun facts about winter help kids understand and enjoy this unique season.

Winter Weather Trivia for Kids

Snow, ice, blizzards, and freezing temperatures are part of what makes winter weather so exciting for kids. Explore the season with winter weather trivia for children.

  • It can be as warm as 40 degrees on the ground and still snow.
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest snowflake on record occurred in Montana in 1887. It was eight inches by 15 inches.
  • The record for the most snowfall in a 24-hour period in the United States happened in Silver Lake, Colorado in 1921. During that 24-hour period six feet and four inches of snow fell!
  • While you may have heard someone say, "It's too cold to snow," there is no truth to this. Snow can always fall if it is cold out and there is moisture in the air.
  • The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -128 degrees. The temperature was measured on Antarctica in 1983.
  • Every snowflake has six sides.
  • The Abominable Snowman is more than an invention of a television Christmas special. While there is no proof that it exists, many people believe that the Yeti, or an abominable snowman, lives in the Himalayas in Nepal. The word Yeti means snow bear, and many people believe the Yeti is related to Bigfoot.
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Winter Animal Trivia for Kids

Many animals around the world are uniquely adapted to survive and thrive in cold temperatures and feet of snow.

  • Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, keep warm through winter by soaking in the natural hot springs just like people relax in hot tubs.
  • Alpine swifts can stay in the air with touching down for 200 days as they migrate from Switzerland to West Africa in winter.
  • The area between the snow and the ground is called the subnivium and is home to many winter animals like shrews.
  • Alaskan frogs have three unique chemicals inside their body that act like antifreeze in your car to keep the frogs from freezing in negative temperatures.
  • During winter hibernation freshwater turtles can live weeks without taking a breath.
  • The musk ox grows two coats so it can keep warm in arctic winters.
  • Two species of birds, the sooty shearwater and the arctic tern, travel over 40,000 miles during their winter migrations.

Kids Winter Movie Trivia

Kids' movie trivia questions from movies that feature winter weather, animals, and locations give kids backstage access to their favorite seasonal films.

  • The tiny snowmen created every time Elsa sneezes in Frozen are called Snowgies.
  • In Rise of the Guardians Santa Claus is named North.
  • The yetis in Smallfoot think a roll of toilet paper is the Scroll of Invisible Wisdom.
  • When Norm of the North tells his lemming friends to "act natural" they start farting!
  • In the movie Happy Feet, a penguin named Mumble has a mark on his neck in the shape of a bow tie.
  • Although the Grinch always appears as a green character in movies, he was black and white in the original Dr. Seuss book.
  • In The Polar Express all the tickets have the number 1225 on them, which is the date of Christmas.
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Interesting Facts About Winter

From travel and celebrations to snow removal, people have created amazing winter-related traditions, words, and machines.

  • A Welsh festival known as Alban Arthan, or "Light of Winter" is the oldest seasonal festival for humans.
  • The snowmobile was invented by a 15-year-old boy in 1922.
  • Snow bikes are similar to snowmobiles, but the look and feel more like motorcycles.
  • An ancient cave painting shows the first recorded use of skis in the Paleolithic Era.
  • The word "blizzard" wasn't used to describe a snowstorm until the late 1800s.
  • The area of the U.S. that spans the great lakes and includes a path from Minnesota to Maine is called the "Snow Belt."
  • The first human-powered snowblower was invented in 1950.
  • There have been more than 100 patents granted for different snow shovel designs.

Winter Holiday Trivia for Kids

Many winter holidays revolve around light and warmth, two things everyone craves during this cold, dark season. Learn about all the different holidays that fall between December and March with holiday trivia.

Christmas Trivia for Kids

Older kids who are familiar with popular Christmas songs, TV shows, movies, and stories can learn Christmas facts, try to answer Christmas trivia as one of their many Christmas activities at school or at home during break.

  • In early England, the traditional Christmas dinner was a pig's head prepared with mustard.
  • Around 95 percent of surveyed pet owners say they buy their pets Christmas gifts.
  • Charles Dickens wrote Christmas-themed stories every year on Christmas, but A Christmas Carol was his only success.
  • In 1836, Alabama was the first U.S. state to recognize Christmas as a holiday.
  • In the Ukraine, finding a spider on the Christmas tree is considered good luck, so fake spider webs and spiders are common Christmas tree decorations in that country.
  • Oregon grows more Christmas trees than any other state in the country.
  • The first official White House Christmas tree was decorated by President Franklin Pierce.
  • Christmas cards were introduced by Hallmark in 1915.
  • The United States Post Office processes around 3 billion First-Class mailings during the week prior to Christmas.
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Hanukkah Trivia for Kids

Find out how much you know about Hanukkah with cool holiday trivia facts.

  • In Hebrew, the word Chanukah means "dedication."
  • Gift giving was not originally part of the Hanukkah festival; however, the Christmas tradition of giving gifts has become part of the festival.
  • Hanukkah always begins four days before the new moon. It can occur anywhere from mid-November to the beginning of January.
  • All-told, one Menorah burns 44 candles during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Kwanzaa Trivia for Kids

Kwanzaa is an African festival of family unity that is celebrated during December. Explore this unique holiday through interesting facts and trivia.

  • Kwanzaa runs from December 26 to January 1 every year.
  • Kwanzaa was created in 1966 by a professor of black studies at California State University, Long Beach.
  • Kwanzaa has seven symbols that represent concepts of African culture. The symbols represent faith, unity, collective responsibility, creativity, purpose, cooperative economics and self-determination.
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New Year's Trivia for Kids

Learn all about ringing in the new year with fun facts and New Year's printable trivia questions.

  • Babylonians used to celebrate spring as the start of the new year.
  • When Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar, he established January 1 as the start of the new year.
  • The most popular New Year's resolution in the United States is to lose weight.
  • The song sung on New Year's Eve, Auld Lang Syne, means "old long ago."

Winter Keeps You Guessing

When it comes to winter, you really never know what you're going to get. Prepare for winter safety and winter fun by learning all you can about this cold, white season with fun trivia questions for kids.

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