Wild Animal Printables for Kids


Most kids are fascinated with the animal world. Foster their fascination and curiosity with coloring pages that feature some of their favorite animals.

Animal Worksheets You Can Print Today


Sloths are amazing creatures. There are both two-toed and three-toed sloths, but this worksheet focuses on the three-toed sloth. The printable has two pages that include:

  • Basic facts about sloths
  • A coloring page featuring a sloth hanging from a tree
  • An activity with a paper doll type sloth and his tree home

Click on the thumbnail to the right to access the PDF file.


The lion is truly king of the jungle. These amazing big cats are unique in a number of ways. These pages include:

  • Facts about lions
  • Coloring page with a mama lion and her cub
  • Dot-to-dot activity that results in the image of a male lion with a beautiful mane

Access the printable by clicking on the lion thumbnail on the right side of this page.


This set of printables features bears found in North America. Learn fun facts about:

  • Grizzlies
  • Polar Bears
  • American Black Bear

The set is made up of:

  • Three coloring sheets featuring each of the bear types and some fun facts
  • Crossword puzzle about North American bears

Click on the thumbprint to the right to access the North American bears printable.

Teach and Entertain While Coloring

The allure of wild animals comes in part from their size, their role as a predator, or their beauty or mystery. Activity sheets that feature coloring, dot-to-dot or similar activities are a great way to entertain on a rainy day and foster a love of learning about nature.

More Wild Animal Printables

Here are some places you can find additional coloring pages of wild animals that your nature-fiend is sure to love:

  • Rapid Monkey features a large collection of printable coloring pages of wild animals that are realistic looking instead of cartoonish.
  • Anglomaniacy offers some wild animal printable cards that can be colored but will also help ESL learners with language skills.
  • Hello Kids has wild animals from around the world.
  • First School has mammals you can print and color.
  • Honking Donkey has multiple options, including bison and deer.
  • EDU pics has a Komodo dragon.
  • Activity Village has a collection of British wild animal printables, such as the badger.

Fun Wild Coloring Activities

Encourage your child to really get creative when coloring. Just as these are wild animals, use some wildly creative techniques and ideas to make the coloring fun:

  • Use bright colors that don't necessarily match the actual color of the animal (like a purple cheetah, for example)
  • Draw or cut out clothing from a catalogue to put on the wild animals
  • Cut out pictures of the wild animals your child has colored and make a safari collage
  • Hang the wild animal printables in an unusual place, such as the ceiling above your child's bed or in the closet
  • Glue glitter or fabric on the coloring pages
  • Cut a fun shape around the wild animal using special scissors
  • Create an animal mask out of the printables
  • Take your coloring pages to the zoo and identify the real animals

Colorful Keepsakes

No matter what you do with your child's coloring, remember to save them as keepsakes. You never know when you might want to go on a wild animal safari from the comfort of your living room!

Wild Animal Printables for Kids