Websites About Neptune for Kids


Websites about Neptune for kids are ideal for children who are learning the solar system or have dreams of one day journeying to outer space. The Internet continuously opens new worlds of imagination and exploration for kids of all ages, and the websites featured below are no exception.

Finding Websites About Neptune for Kids

Children are often captivated by the majestic beauty and wonder of our solar system. From space movies to special school field trips, the planets and stars in our galaxy have always held a certain amount of intrigue for young minds. You may find your child becomes exceptionally attached to learning and reading about one specific aspect of outer space, and at times even perhaps a certain planet. Neptune, with its soothing blues and mysterious atmosphere, is often a top favorite for children just opening their eyes to worlds outside of their own. ranks high on the list of websites about Neptune for kids. Colorful in display and simple with its information, children will love reading about the various statistics of this stormy planet. teaches children fun facts, such as how much they would weigh if they were to land on Neptune, as well as how we came to discover this far off planet in the first place.

Not too surprisingly, NASA has set up an incredible website for children. Doing what they do best, NASA has managed to scale down their tremendous database of facts and figures into a kid-sized package that makes learning easy and fun. Leave it to the pros to explain to children everything from atmospheric wind speeds to why exactly every photograph of Neptune is blue.

Is your child still itching for more space exploration? Check out The Nine Planets. Now comically renamed "The Eight Planets" due to Pluto's recent demotion, this website is a more digestible version of the highly acclaimed academic site of the same name. Neptune has its own little home on this particular site, complete with gorgeous photographs taken by telescopes and the only spacecraft ever to visit this distant planet.

What To Look For

As with all Internet searches, it is wise to research with your children, rather than letting them run wild on the computer. If you are looking for websites about Neptune for kids, make it a family activity and interact with them, asking them questions about what they've found. Many sites are over a child's limit of understanding, so filter out sites that are irrelevant. Children bore easily when they do not grasp what is being presented to them, so ensure they have a fun learning experience by preparing sites for them ahead of time.

When looking for idea websites, look for ones that use a lot of color and very simple language. Those with "fun facts" sections or animations that help reiterate certain bits of knowledge will go over exceptionally well. Also, do your own research to make sure what your child is absorbing is actually accurate information. The Internet features plenty of experts - and plenty more inexperienced individuals who know how to code a page. Check your sources so you can be sure your child is receiving a quality educational experience out of the time he or she spends in front of the computer.

Learning about Neptune and the rest of the solar system can be a fun way to get your little one dreaming about outer space voyages and grand adventures. Always encourage him, no matter what his interests, and chances are he will happily share his aspirations with you.

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Websites About Neptune for Kids