Webkinz Secret Codes

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By utilizing special Webkinz Secret Codes, a Webkinz owner is able to earn KinzCash, enable different kinds of play and go places within the site that had not been accessible previously.


Webkinz are plush toys that come with a pre-programmed code to log into the official Webkinz website. When a Webkinz owner logs in, he registers his animal, names it, learns about its favorite things to do and color and starts to learn about Webkinz World.

Each account lasts for one year. At the time the account expires, a user must renew it. During the course of the year, however, the Webkinz owner can have lots of fun. Friends can be made, the Webkinz's room can be decorated (and re-decorated), WebkinzCash can be earned, and many games can be played.

Webkinz Secret Codes

Various codes are available that will enable an account holder to find loopholes in the system. Codes exist that can earn a user lots of additional cash, additional items and various other privileges.

  • One code is the Webkinz 100,000 free money code. It's rumored that if you quickly hold down Ctrl+m+g and close the phone when it pops up on your screen, there's a way to earn lots of money. After doing this, it is recommended that you go to Quizzy's and play. It is said that the next time you are to receive cash, your Webkinz World will crash. Log back in, and your money should have increased by $100,000.
  • The Zingoz Webkinz Cheat lets you earn more money through playing zingoz pop at the arcade. If you score higher than 100, let your player die. Press replay. Select two players and pick two balls. After it starts, press the gold X. It is said that you will win the same amount of KinzCash you won the last game. This code can be used repeatedly.
  • An Adoption Code is rumored to exist, as well. It is said that by typing the cent sign, a top underline, a cent sign, the 3/4 sign, the cent sign, a u with two dots above it and 8,1,6,3 in the adoption line, you will receive a cheeky cat, cheeky dog or a love puppy.
  • More codes and information is available at various websites.

Maybe Not a Good Idea

The Webkinz official website strongly warns against utilizing these or any other secret codes to cheat. The site gives the warning to all users that if it is detected they are using codes to cheat the system, their account will be terminated immediately. It is also cautioned that if at any time your account experiences an unexplained gain in significant amounts of KinzCash, you should report it immediately and not spend any of it.

The premise of Webkinz World is to provide a good environment for children. Learning cheat codes and secret codes to take advantage of the system defeats the entire purpose of such a website. Other sites exist much like Webkinz World, and they are also fighting attempts made by users to cheat the system.

Legal Ways to Earn Cash

Instead of using cheat or secret codes, there are other legal ways to make money in Webkinz World. For instance, at the time of adoption, you are given several items. Many of these unique items may be sold at the store for a considerable amount of cash. Additionally, if you decorate your pet's room periodically, you may be able to earn money through selling the decorative items you are discarding.

Another way to get cash is to go to the Webkinz Newspaper. Click on the "Contact Us" button. Click on the Comments and Suggestions tab and select the Poll. You will receive cash and increases in your health due to answering the questions. This can only be done once a week, but it still is an easy source of cash.

Users don't have to resort to questionable means to earn cash. Just keep your eyes open, be creative and take advantage of appropriate methods.

Webkinz Secret Codes