Virtual Horse Games for Kids

Girl and horse
A horse comes with responsibility.

If your child dreams of owning a horse, virtual horse games for kids may be viable alternatives. Some of the interactive games for children offer realistic experiences for kids to enjoy and learn.

Understanding Virtual Horse Games for Kids

Many of the virtual horse games for kids offer much more than computer graphics and short activities; they recreate the experience of owning and caring for a horse, and kids who love horse toys may love this type of game. The programs are as educational as they are fun. They teach children about responsibility, animals, and the bond they can share with people. Let's Ride, Friends Forever is an example of a virtual game for kids that has much to offer. This program can give insight into the features offered through this computer game.

Let's Ride, Friends Forever

Children can experience the special relationship caretakers have with their animals through computer horse games. Among the most outstanding interactive computer games available for budding horse tenders is Let's Ride, Friends Forever, a program designed for girls. This program is excellent because it offers realistic experiences as well as valuable lessons packaged in a fun-filled format.

Through the activities in the virtual game, players learn:

Patience - Although riding the horse is a major component to the games, the child must work toward this goal. Gradually, the player hones her riding skills and learns that with tenacity, she can achieve her goals. The program includes riding competitions that require practice and teamwork with the horse. The player ultimately competes for a blue ribbon.

Learn about horses - A player can choose from 15 different breeds of horses and learn about the specific breed she has chosen. She'll also learn how to care for the animal, which teaches valuable lessons. She can purchase products specifically for the animal, including food, cleaning agents and gear. Once the foal is large enough to begin training, the player can learn about the type of saddle suitable for the horse as well as other gear commonly used in training. This makes the game a nice choice for families considering buying a pet.

Responsibility - The program begins with a young foal, and the child has to care for the animal. The player brushes, feeds, exercises and waters the horse. In addition, she tends the stable by cleaning it and laying new hay for bedding down every day. If the game is left unattended for a significant period, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) will seize the animal for neglect. The player has to go back to the beginning of the game if the ASPCA seizes the horse.

Imaginative play - The player creates her own character and chooses riding outfits. She can get creative by choosing accessories for the horse to wear. After she reaches higher levels, she can braid the horse's mane and choose matching outfits for her and her horse.

The game changes perspective as the player engages in different activities. During walks, the player sees both the character and the horse, but when jumping, the player takes the character's perspective. The game has endless possibilities and unlimited play.

Free Online Horse Games

Many free online horse games are available. HorseIsle is a great example of the type of free games for kids you can find online. The game has multiple players who look for roaming wild horses. Once the player finds a horse, he can train, groom and care for the animal. This game is suitable for young children, and a parent's guide is on the site. Find more virtual horse games for kids by visiting Free Online Horse Games on LoveToKnow Video Games.

Virtual Horse Games for Kids