5 Virtual Babysitting Games for Kids to Play Online

Virtual babysitting games for kids are a great way to teach vital developmental skills.

Virtual babysitting games for kids are a valuable teaching tool. These games teach kids socialization and communication skills. Of course for kids, they are just plain fun.

Virtual Babysitting Games for Kids Can Teach

Parents can use these interactive tools to assist with emotional development and help children learn how to empathize with others. During the interaction, critical reading comprehension and memory functions become fine-tuned while children develop confidence and pride in their ability to use a computer. Babysitting games also help children understand some of what their parents did for them when they were babies. Parents can use babysitting games to prepare children for the arrival of a new baby brother and or sister, as well.

Dora's Playtime with the Twins

Help Dora assist her mother as she babysits her little brother and sister. Dora narrates a training session for the kids before the game starts. During the practice session, you learn the expectations for the live game.

Let's Babysit Baby Krissy

Barbie's younger sister Krissy, needs babysitting. Enter your name in the space provided on the screen. Barbie then thanks you personally for helping babysit Baby Krissy. Dress Baby Krissy by choosing different clothing from her closet. Your choices include three different outfits, matching shoes and a matching hat or hair bow. Next, you assist Baby Krissy with her bath by using different items in the bathroom. Pour the soap on the cloth and wash her face, then wash her hair with some shampoo. Next, Baby Krissy needs food, so you accompany Barbie and Baby Krissy to the supermarket. Select different items from the four food groups from the supermarket shelves. After successfully babysitting Baby Krissy, you get a certificate of achievement with your name on it. The certificate can be printed and framed.

Cute Baby Nursery

Care for "cute baby" in the nursery. Move "cute baby" from her crib to the changing table. After changing her diaper, then move her back to her crib to sleep. Move her from her crib to her high chair to eat. Move her back to her crib for a nap after she finishes her formula. As the game continues, you move her from her crib to the floor to play with her rattle. The game gets complicated as a second baby joins the nursery. You must repeat the same actions with the second baby in order to keep her pacified and happy. The game picks up pace when both babies require attention at the same time.

The Ultimate Babysitter

Like all the other virtual babysitting games for kids, the Ultimate Babysitter also starts with instructions on how to maneuver through the game. You receive instructions on what the baby eats for breakfast, which you must follow exactly. Go to the kitchen, get the baby's food, then return to the nursery, and feed her. Next, change the baby's diapers in the nursery, go to the bathroom to discard the used diaper, and then return to the nursery.

These virtual babysitting games for kids are an excellent way to teach vital developmental and computer skills. Usually they run on points, so a higher score means a higher level of comprehension. Repeat the process to achieve your ideal score if you did not achieve it the first time. Build on the knowledge from previous sessions as you move through different levels.

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5 Virtual Babysitting Games for Kids to Play Online