Where to Find Unique Children's Clothes

Three kids in unique clothing outfits

There are many different places to look for unique children's clothes, whether for a gift or just for clothing to wear everyday.

Café Press

One place that is a lot of fun to search for children's clothing in Café Press. This site is actually a collection of individual shops run by people all over the world who have submitted designs to be put on clothing, coffee mugs, mouse pads and more.

You can browse through the kids or infants section to find the most popular items, or search for a particular phrase or topic if you're looking for something in particular.

Many of the shirts here are political ("If I were 18 I'd vote for Obama") or science fiction in theme ("I watch Star Wars with my dad"), while others are related to sports, being a big brother or sister, having a hot aunt or supporting kids with autism or parents in the military.

If you have an idea for a unique T-shirt or sweatshirt that you want to produce for a child in your life, it's easy to set up an account and have your own shirts printed. You can even offer them for sale and make a little money if other people like your designs.


Etsy is a worldwide marketplace for things homemade, and the children's section is a great place to find unique children's clothing that's also made by hand.

Here you'll find everything from handmade baby booties and bibs to dresses, T-shirts with custom logos, handmade hair clips, hats, headbands, onesies, leg warmers and more.

Many items can be personalized to make them even more unique. Understand that when ordering handmade goods, shipping times may be a little longer than if you ordered from a mass-production store, since items may have to be made before they can be shipped.

Other Places for Unique Children's Clothes

Child in striped socks and sneakers

Of course there are many other places, online and off, where you can find clothing for children that's a little unusual. If you have an independently owned clothing store where you live, they probably have some interesting options.

Here are some other places to check out online:

  • Baby Wit is a wonderful place to buy infant and children's clothes, especially if you like rock band logos, political (particularly anarchist) T-shirts and clothes with a sense of humor. You can also find clothing designed by artists, such as indie rock artist Leia Bell.
  • Comfy Kid outfits children up to the age of six and has a wide variety of clothing, much of which comes from European brands or is European-inspired.

Making Clothing Yourself

Of course the best way to ensure unique clothing for the children in your life is to make their clothes yourself. This will probably work for the first few years of life, but kids get to the point where they want brand names and clothes that look like everyone else's pretty quickly in life.

Also, unless you're experienced at sewing, the time invested in making clothing may not be worth it to you when you consider how quickly kids tend to grow out of or stain their clothing.

Still, making clothes for kids can be a fun way to get them one-of-a-kind items, or you can personalize purchased clothing by adding iron-on patches, sewing embroidery onto jeans or jackets, or using other embellishments. These sorts of projects are also things that kids themselves can do, making it even more fun for them to get unique clothing.

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Where to Find Unique Children's Clothes