Kids' Travel Potty Types and Tips

Toddlers on a road trip in a van

Use a travel kids potty in emergencies when you are on the road with a child in the middle of toilet training.

Advantages of a Travel Potty

Although it may seem wasteful to purchase an additional potty chair to use for travel, it often comes in handy. Travel chairs offer these advantages:

  • Travel chairs are often less bulky than transporting a traditional training seat.
  • A travel potty allows your child to continue his/her training during holiday and vacation months when long car trips and traffic is inevitable.
  • Travel potties can help children who are uncomfortable using a large potty in malls, libraries and other stores.
  • Portable potties are great for emergencies, like at a park with no restroom facilities.

A kids travel potty often has easy to wash waste containers or disposable liners, making clean-up a breeze. Practicing with the travel potty at home can help children get used to the potty before you use it on the go.

Travel Kids Potty Types

Two types of travel potties are available. One is a potty seat that makes using an adult potty easier, and the other is a child-sized chair that stores easily. If you are unsure about what kind to get, ask other parents for advice on what worked best for them.

Travel Potty Seats

A seat is convenient for tossing in a diaper bag. They fold into a small size, convenient for carrying almost anywhere. Seats can be attached to most adult toilets with ease, keeping kids from falling into the large bowl. Ones with handles can help kids steady themselves.

Consider the following seats:

Portable Potties

A portable potty is a bit bulkier than a folding seat, but it can be stowed with ease in a vehicle. These seats offer children a smaller version of a regular training toilet. They are perfect for kids who are afraid to use an adult potty or for traveling along stretches of road without public restrooms.Popular travel potty chairs include:

Portable kids potties may require some accessories, such as disposable liners or disinfectant wipes. Be sure to keep extras with the chair so you are not caught off-guard in an emergency.

Travel Potty Training Tips

Traveling with kids who are potty training can be difficult. With small and untrained bladders, kids in beginning potty training stages may not be able to hold their urine until they reach an acceptable rest area. Travel chairs are perfect in this situation.

Tips for traveling with a child who is potty training include:

  • Limit the amount of liquids a child drinks for an hour or so before leaving.
  • Have the child visit the bathroom several times to be sure her bladder is clear.
  • Plan a route with plenty of stops and time for breaks.
  • Consider putting beginners in a training pant or diaper for extremely long trips, especially if your child has a tendency to fall asleep.
  • Put a waterproof liner on booster seats to help with accidents.
  • Pack a potty emergency kit that includes a change of clothes, change of underpants (or a training pant), baby wipes, hand sanitizer, towel and bag for soiled clothing.

Potty training can be a stressful time for both children and parents. Using a travel kids potty can make the transition from diapers to underwear go more smoothly when you need to be out and about. Ask our kids expert if you have questions regarding potty training your child.

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Kids' Travel Potty Types and Tips