Things to Do on Father's Day

Father and daughter

Whether you are planning an extraordinary day for your dad, or you are a parent who is looking for ways to celebrate Father's Day with your kids, you can probably use a few suggestions for things you can do. Here's a list of activities the entire family can enjoy.

Suggestions for Things to Do on Father's Day

Father's Day falls on the third Sunday in June, which makes it the perfect time of year for outdoor activities, weather permitting. Although some people enjoy action-packed celebrations, most dads enjoy taking the day off and spending time outdoors with a backyard barbeque or doing spring activities with kids. The following suggestions are appropriate for the relaxing dad or the thrill seeker.

Father's Day Barbeque

A perfect Father's Day for many dads includes a burger, a grill and a lot of outdoor fun. To keep the day simple and intimate, a backyard celebration fits the bill for many dads. Add a Frisbee and a football, and dad is sure to have some fun with the kids while tending to his honored position as grill master. Help dad out by preparing the side dishes, setting up the picnic table and cleaning up afterward.

A Trip to the Zoo

The zoo is another great place to celebrate Father's Day and spend some quality time together as a family. June is normally a great month to visit a zoo before summer heat takes its toll and makes walking the grounds unbearable. Check out your local paper for coupons or discounts and buy tickets ahead if possible.

Go to the Movies

Most dads enjoy the movies, and the entertainment is affordable and perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Surprise dad with a few movie tickets in his Father's Day card, and plan a morning brunch prior to the show.

Baseball Game

An all-American game of baseball is a sure way to please the athletic dad. To make the game even more exciting and memorable, surprise dad with screen-printed baseball shirts with slogans such as "#1 Dad" or "Team Dad."

Wash the Car

Father's Day hike
Go on a hiking trip.

If the kids are old enough, a simple task such as washing dad's car is an inexpensive and much appreciated gift. Take the energy out to the driveway and fill up buckets with bubbling car wash. To make the event a family affair, supply enough mitts or towels for everyone and turn this chore into water-filled fun!

Same Photo, Different Year

Pose for the same photo year after year. Whether it is dad wearing that designer paper tie or eating his annual breakfast in bed, make sure to capture it on film. As the kids get older, seeing the changes in both them and dad from year to year will be a special keepsake.

Breakfast in Bed

Let your kids help plan and make breakfast in bed for dad. If your children are still on the younger side, keep the menu simple enough that they can truly be a part of making breakfast rather than simply observing.

A Few of Dad's Favorite Things

Father's Day is all about honoring dad. Why not make a special point to do dad's favorite thing on Father's Day. Whether that is playing golf or enjoying a hike, have your kids plan out an itinerary for the day that really includes all of dad's favorite activities.


Gather together all the men in your family, including sons, uncles, dads and grandpas, and head out to the great wide wilderness for a weekend of camping. Camping is a great Father's Day activity for kids because it takes them away from all the electronics for a weekend and give them the opportunity to really focus on spending time together. Memories made while camping will last a lifetime, and the Father's Day camping trip can become a family tradition carried down from generation to generation.

Father/Daughter Dancing Lessons

If your daughter is looking to spend more time with her dad, why not give dancing lessons as a present? Ballroom dancing has really made a comeback thanks to the popular reality television show, Dancing with the Stars. This could be a great opportunity for some father-daughter bonding.

More Day Trip Ideas

Planning a day trip might be just the thing on Father's Day. Consider local and regional attractions such as:

  • Museums
  • Car Shows
  • Races

Planning Family Activities for Father's Day

Father's Day at the beach.
Spend Father's Day at the beach.

When you begin to think about what to do on Father's Day, consider not only what Dad likes to do, but also what your kids can reasonably do. Taking a day long hiking trip with a toddler in tow will not be that much fun for Dad, no matter how much he likes hiking. Also, give your children the opportunity to help plan the day. While it might mean that gifts and activities are a little corny, they will mean more to your husband and to your children if they are truly their ideas. With that said, a little guidance and hinting can help ensure that the day goes well.

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