Thanksgiving Prayer for Children

Child praying

Are you looking for a Thanksgiving prayer to share with your child? This special time of year is an excellent opportunity to teach children how to pray and contemplate all of their blessings through prayer and reflection.

Prayers of Gratitude for Children

A number of traditional prayers that focus on thanking God are ideal for Thanksgiving. You probably have heard some of these before, such as A Child's Grace and Child's Mealtime Blessing.

One thing that these types of prayers prove is that every day of the year can be a day of thanking God for all the blessings in your life. Although many of the unique prayers below focus on Thanksgiving, some can be used for everyday praying, too.

General Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for family,
Thank you for friends,
Thank you for each moment I play
Thank you for my happy world
And I will thank you every day

Author - Adrienne Warber

Blessings Prayer

Dear Lord,
I thank you for the blessings in my life.
I thank you for my family, especially for _________.
I thank you for my home,
A warm roof over my head,
And plenty of food to eat.
I thank you for all the things You give to me
Even the ones I haven't thought of.
Thank you for my blessings, God.

The Future

Dear God,
I thank you for the future you have promised to me.
I thank you for wanting good for me and for watching over me.
I thank you for Thanksgiving, when all of my family will arrive.
I thank you for the food you'll bless us with,
And for how lucky we are to get to celebrate with family and friends.
I thank you for the good things to come.
I love you.

Child at Thanksgiving Dinner

Thank you for this dinner,
And our family and friends so dear.
We truly do appreciate all you do
for us during this time of year.
Thank you for the turkey,
and the mashed potatoes, too.
Thank you for your grace,
And bless us in all we do.

Family Tree

Please bless our family tree.
Each branch is special to me.
God, I thank you for those I love.
And for all great gifts from above.

Bless the Hands

I thank you for today.
I thank you for cousins with whom to play.
I thank you for the food we eat.
I think you for all the tasty treats.
Bless the hands that made this food.
Thank you for everything because it's good.

More Prayer Resources

There are many other prayer options appropriate for kids to use at Thanksgiving. The following websites have prayers that focus on thanking God:

  • GodWeb: The website has a children's prayer section with a number of traditional prayers; though they are not tailored to Thanksgiving, their theme of thanking God makes them perfect for this purpose.
  • Just 4 Kids Magazine: The site provides a list of children's prayers specifically for Thanksgiving.
  • Bella Online: Susan Helene Kramer shares prayers for children that celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • Lord's Prayer Words: This site offers some special prayers of Thanksgiving. Although they aren't specifically geared toward children, they are written in simple words that could be read by a school age child.
  • Center for Urban Education: This site has a list of several Thanksgiving prayers and poems for children that will come in handy during the holiday.

Simple and Meaningful

Sharing a prayer of thanksgiving with your child can make the holiday more meaningful and help you both contemplate this special time of year. The best prayers are those that come from the heart and state what the child truly is most thankful for.

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Thanksgiving Prayer for Children