Team Building Activities for Kids

Promote team spirit!

There are several team building activities for kids that will exercise their skills while promoting cooperation and teamwork.

About Team Building Activities for Kids

Kids of all ages usually thrill in the opportunity to play with their peers. Team building is a valuable way to engage them in exercise that build positive communication, cooperation, patience and that promote sharing.

The following activity ideas are wonderful ways to encourage your children to work as a team rather than as solo individuals.

Red Light and Green Light

A popular preschool game, Red Light and Green Light is a wonderful team building exercise. To play, have kids stand as far away from you as possible. Cover your eyes and say "Red light, green light, one, two, three." During the count, the kids will quickly race as close to you as possible. Whoever is still moving when you open your eyes moves to the starting line. Whoever is closest, wins. This game can be varied by having the winner stand up front to count, and so on until nearly every player has a turn at being in charge.

Simon Says

Who doesn't love this classic team building game? Simon says helps kids work as a team while promoting listening skills. To play, one player will be chosen as "Simon." Gather all the children in a circle, and have Simon sit in the middle. Simon will call out commands, such as "Simon says touch your nose!" Any command shouted without "Simon" asking first is a false command. Any player who repeats the false request is out the game. This game can be played nearly anywhere and makes a fun distraction during long family road trips.

Jump Rope

This playground classic is a wonderful physical activity that also promotes team building. There are several jump rope games that will promote cooperation, balance, and rhythm. Kids love the exercise, so suggest this game whenever the wiggles need to get out!

Tug of War

Tug of war is another team building exercise that is quite popular with the boys! This game is a great way to promote steadiness, balance, strength and cooperation. To play, divide teams in equal numbers and place one team on one side of a long rope, and the other team on the opposite side. Have kids hold onto the rope and blow a whistle to start the match! Both teams will pull their hardest until they can pull the slack of the other team or until they tumble down. Keep in mind this activity tends to get rowdy and requires lots of space. Because some players may lose their balance and tip, practice safety and play tug of war on a light padded surface or on the grass.

Relay Games

Popular on the track and field, relay games are an excellent team building activity. To play, have kids run in spurts to the next player, passing a baton when they meet their teammate. Each segment can be the same, or can change into various other activities. One player may be the sprinter, while the other may race to the finish in a potato sack. Use your imagination and encourage kids to work as a team to the finish!

Encourage Team Spirit

Once kids learn how to work within a team, use these games to continually encourage their cooperation within the classroom or in private play groups. Kids love to feel a part of something, and with these team building activities for kids, he gets to learn that he can win not just for himself, but for his entire team!

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Team Building Activities for Kids