Considering Summer School for Kids

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Many parents sometimes choose summer school for kids either to help their kids play catch-up or to help them get ahead. For some, the choice to send their kids to summer school is a necessary one.

Reasons for Summer School

While some kids might roll their eyes at the mere mention of a summer school for kids, others see it as an opportunity to jump ahead academically. Summer school is typically offered by public schools in at least the high school grades. Some systems even offer summer school for younger kids as well. Why choose summer school for your kids? There are a variety of reasons:

  • Teenagers sometimes choose to take summer classes in order to graduate a semester and even a year earlier.
  • Kids often choose to take a class or two during the summer to lessen their load during the regular school year.
  • For those kids who have failed a class, summer school offers them a chance to catch up without doubling up on core classes during the regular school year.
  • Transfer students sometimes need to take a class during summer school to remain on track with other students in their new school system.

Benefits of Summer School for Kids

What are the benefits? Well, a lot depends upon the program, the teachers, and the attitude of the students and parents. Just as with almost anything you do…you'll get out of the program just what you put into it. It's that simple. Some kids enter a summer school program and spend their time sleeping, doodling, and definitely not applying themselves. The result? At the end of the session, they haven't gained one thing! For others, however, summer school gives students a chance to make up for mistakes they've made academically in the past, or it gives them a chance to jump ahead of their classmates and to take a step closer to a college career.

  • Summer school often gives students more individualized instruction due to smaller class sizes.
  • Summer school allows students to make up core classes that they've not taken or failed.
  • Summer school gives students the opportunity to raise their GPA (grade point average). *Students only have to focus on one or two classes.
  • Summer school typically has a more relaxed, learning environment that students often react positively to.
  • A successful summer school experience can boost a student's self-esteem and raise his or her personal, academic expectations.

Choose a Summer School

Once you've determined that your kids need to go to summer school, how do you decided which summer school to choose?

  • Talk to your child's school about summer school programs, which might be offered.
  • Talk to other parents whose children have already participated in summer schools.
  • Ask to see the curriculum offerings that each school offers.
  • Ask about the instructors for each course. Are they certified and qualified under the No Child Left Behind Act? Have they taught summer school before?
  • Inquire about class sizes, schedules, and any other relevant information, including tuition costs for each course taken.

More Information

Finally, your child's education is important. It might be worth it to investigate summer schools for kids in your area.

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