Summer Fun for Kids

Get ready for fun!

Do you need ideas for summer fun for kids? If the current economic crunch has put off any plans for a family vacation, rest assured the kids can still have a blast with daily activities and outdoor fun!

Endless Summer Fun for Kids

Although some parents try to make every summer action-packed and fun-filled, kids don't require much to enjoy their time off from school. The following ideas for summer fun for kids are suitable for most budgets and are sure to thrill most kids, from tots to teenagers.

Zoo Excursions

A trip to the zoo is an affordable day trip that most kids enjoy. To make the most out of your visit, plan ahead and make the whole week prior to the trip an animal adventure. Get kids excited by checking out lots of animal books at the library first. Watch videos such as Planet Earth and learn some fun trivia and facts about the animals you're bound to meet at the zoo. Once your big day arrives, pack a lunch, a cooler with refreshments, and layer on the sun block and sunhats. A stroller will help little legs enjoy a longer day. Hit the zoos as early as possible to beat the summer heat.


Not only is swimming great exercise, it's a splash for kids! If you aren't near a natural body of water, consider joining the local pool or your YMCA for pool access. A daily trip to the pool will cool the family off while providing kids with an opportunity to burn off some restless energy. If you have a small child, why not enroll them in swimming classes and teach them the basics of kicking and going under water?


Camps are a great option for kids that enjoy outdoor excursions. There are plenty of hobby camps that cater to the interests of your children, so go ahead and involve them and let them choose the best fit. If the kids are packing up for a week alone, make their trip enjoyable by sending a care package including all the essentials (such as bug spray and itch cream,) and a few handwritten love notes so they feel loved and missed while they're away learning a new skill!

Weekend Getaways

Don't have the cash to make a family vacation? Weekend getaways are the perfect solution for budget minded families. A family camping trip is a great way to spend quality time together in the wilderness. With a tent and a few supplies, kids can enjoy the great outdoors for little strain on the pocketbook. Another weekend getaway that most kids love is an amusement park. If you're located near a water park or theme park, purchase tickets in advance for savings and fill up the tank for a road trip!

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great outdoor sport that is perfect for dads. If you want to spend some quality time with your kids and want to introduce them to the world of fishing, purchase a few poles and get out before the sun comes up. Even though you may only be at the sport for a few hours, the time spent making memories will last a lifetime! For those seeking more thrill and excitement, why not book a boat trip and go deep sea fishing?

Read a Book

Don't discount the local public library for options for summer fun. Most public libraries have a calendar of events geared for kids all summer long. Whether it's story time or a puppet show, your kids are sure to love the entertainment, and it's a great way to encourage their love of reading.

Make it Count

No matter the activity, help kids enjoy their summer by enjoying their company. Sunny days and warm nights can become memorable by quality conversation and intimate outings. No matter your budget, money can't buy the love and happiness kids are bound to feel when you value the together time.

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Summer Fun for Kids