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Summer Camp Options for Girls

Little equestrian at a girls' summer camp

There's something special about sending your daughter to a summer camp for girls. You know she will not only have the time of her life, but also make new friends and gain some valuable experience whether it be about music, academics or softball.

Types of Girls' Summer Camps

While there are some of the traditional summer camps that girls can attend, there are many specialty ones as well. These camps have one major focus, and counselors work with the girls to better those skills. Here are just a few of the many summer camps for girls that are available:

  • Dance -- Your daughter can perfect her ballet or modern dance by attending this type of camp.
  • Acting -- This is a place where aspiring stars can work with established actors to hone their acting skills. Usually, a full-fledged production is held at the end of camp.
  • Music -- Whether its singing or playing a musical instrument, girls' music camps offer a variety of instruction in these fields.
  • Cheerleading -- Enthusiastic cheerleaders can better their athletic skills and learn about teamwork at this style of summer camps for girls.
  • Weightloss -- Besides working on building up their self-esteem, weightloss camps help girls focus on eating healthy and exercising.
  • Sports -- There are many sports camps available throughout the United States, each one focusing on a different game. Types of sports camps include:
    • Basketball
    • Field hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Softball
    • Volleyball
    • Tennis
    • Golf

    What to Pack for Camp

    Girls, probably much like their mothers, will probably tend to over-pack when they go to summer. There is one major rule of thumb that campers need to abide when it comes to getting their gear ready -- you are not leaving home forever, only for a few weeks. And yes, you can do laundry at camp. The following is a basic list of items that you can pack for camp. Remember to make sure all of your child's personal items are labeled.
  • Basics -- Comfy clothing including shoes, undergarments and a range of girls' clothes for different weather conditions. Jewelry, high heels or fancy dresses will not be needed. Make sure each garment is labeled with your child's name.
  • Bedding/Towels -- Usually a set of sheets, pillowcases and a towel are needed. Consider an extra blanket and laundry bag too.
  • Rain gear -- A rain jacket or poncho, along with a fleece jacket should be sufficient. Don't forget a hat either.
  • Toiletries/medication -- Besides sunscreen and insect repellant, your daughter should bring her normal health and beauty supplies. Excessive make-up and hair dryers should be left at home. If your child is on medication, make sure there is enough for the duration of the camping trip, as well as a spare prescription, doctor's name and phone number. Also, make sure there is a list of emergency numbers/e-mail addresses with your child.
  • Miscellaneous items -- These can include a disposable camera, flashlight, portable alarm clock, waterproof watch and a compass. Do not bring an iPod, digital camera, DVD player or laptop computer. Don't forget a journal so your daughter can write about her camp experiences, as well as prestamped and addressed postcards.

A Few Summer Camps for Girls

  • Rockbrook Camp for Girls -- This camp in North Carolina is for girls who have finished the first- through ninth-grades. It offers programs for kids and teens. Activities include hiking, climbing and horseback riding.
  • Alpengirl: Girls with Altitude -- This "girl-powered, teen adventure camp" has overnight summer camps. This is a true camping experience as girls learn backpacking, canoeing and whitewater rafting, among other things. This camp is held in:
    • Montana
    • Hawaii
    • Alaska
    • Washington
    • Norway
  • Camp Farwell -- Deemed as one of the world's first summer camps -- opened in 1906 in Vermont -- this facility offers girls ages 6-16 a variety of activities including music, dance, team endeavors and water sports.
  • Grier Summer Camps for Girls -- This Pennsylvania-based camp offers many exciting programs and activities for girls 6 and older including studio arts, dance and the performing arts. Counselors even hold an English as Second Language Program for international campers.
  • Camp Chinqueka -- This all-girls camp in Connecticut is for girls 6-16 years old. It offers two- to eight-week sessions. Besides normal camping activities, tutoring in most elementary and high schools subjects is available, as well as English as Second Language.

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Summer Camp Options for Girls