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Sticker charts can be a rewarding, yet frugal, way to encourage positive behavior in children. Sticker charts help children with all sorts of behaviors, from learning to use the potty to completing their chores and saving money. With sticker charts parents can begin to instill values and a positive work ethic in their children from a very early age.

Free Sticker Charts

Instead of purchasing sticker behavior charts, print some and buy stickers from a local craft store or teaching supply store to use on the chart. If you need help downloading the charts, check out these helpful tips.

Chore Charts

Preschool Chore Chart

Chore charts help children develop positive behaviors such as helping out around the house, learning to take care of pets and cleaning up after themselves. As children complete their chores, they add a sticker to the box.

Reward and Behavior Charts

Monthly Behavior Chart

These charts allow you to write in behaviors or skills children need to work on. For each sticker earned on the chart, children earn points that may be used for a larger reward. This type of chart works best with elementary and older children.

Other Resources

  • Stickers and Charts has 200 different stickers sheets and 75 different sticker charts for you to print. Charts and stickers feature cars, sports, stars, flowers and holiday themes to appeal to a variety of children.
  • Joining KidPointz for free gives you access to visually appealing sticker behavior charts, pet care charts and potty charts to print and use with your children.
  • Chart Jungle features printable behavior charts for geared toward targeted behaviors such as being honest, saying nice things and changing clothes.

Sticker Charts to Buy

The Victoria Chart Company

The Victoria Chart Company offers multiple sticker behavior charts with reusable stickers to appeal to children of all ages. Order the 'My Big Star Chart' for your youngest children, which features pictures to represent positive behaviors such as sharing, using the potty, being brave and giving up a pacifier. The Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart focuses on developing a bedtime routine with children and rewarding them for following the routine and behaving at bedtime.

Kenson Kids

Kenson Kids sells the I Can Do It Reward Chart. Along with the chart, parents may purchase supplemental packs to switch out the chores and behaviors on the chart or add to the chart. If you want to focus on a specific behavior, the Token Chart is a smaller chart with space to write in milestones or the goal a child is working toward. The Kenson Kids Potty Chart comes with a potty book and certificate.

Unique Teaching Resources

Charts from Unique Teaching Resources are designed to encourage children to develop good reading behaviors and come in unique shapes, such as animals, pizza, ice cream cones and holiday symbols. Many charts are also available without the reading focus for you to adapt to your needs. All charts may be downloaded and printed for a small fee.


The Eureka series by Paper Magic offers a Dr. Seuss Game Mini Reward Chart to help children focus on a target behavior or activity. Children place stickers on the Dr. Seuss-themed game board as they move closer to their goal.

Mardel Christian & Education

Mardel Christian & Education features sticker charts for parents who want to encourage Christian behaviors. The Shine God's Light poster and sticker set rewards children for actions they do to shine God's light in the world.

Making Sticker Behavior Charts Work

No matter what chart you choose to use, you must use it on a consistent basis in order for it to work. Adding additional rewards to the chart may help make it more effective. For example, for every 10 stickers a child earns, she gets a special treat or an extra hour of TV time. Stickers will not motivate all children, but you can tie the chart to something that will motivate your child and use it as a reminder of a larger goal.

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Sticker Behavior Charts