Spy Game Ideas for Kids

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Spy kids' games allow kids to use their imaginations and test their deductive and analytical skills while having fun at the same time.

The Attraction of Spying

Why are kids so attracted to the life of a spy? For most kids, it's the intrigue and mystery that make the art of spying so interesting. Kids love to spin tall tales in their minds, and playing a spy game is a wonderful way to encourage that creativity. There are numerous spy kids' games available online, and of course there are also board games that feature mystery and intrigue as well, such as Clue. Your kids can enjoy playing spies without the aid of a computer or board pieces however.

Observation and Imagination Games

Hand a child a magnifying glass, a notebook, a pen and any other spy gear, and you can create a spy in the making. For some kids, that's all it takes for them to bounce away in search of a mystery to solve. For others, however, you may need to help them develop their "spy skills." You can do this by making a game out of spying.

  • I Spy-For example, the simplest spy game is the popular "I Spy" in which one person picks out an object in a room and states, "I spy with my little eye…" He or she then goes on to briefly describe the object without giving it away. Players then try to guess the name of the object. This game is great for very young children to play.
  • What Do You See?-Another wonderful spy game that encourages children to expand their powers of observation is the "What Do You See?" game. In this game, kids are given a set amount of time to observe a room. They must then leave the room and quickly write down everything they remember in their minds. The person who lists the most objects correctly wins the game.
  • What's Missing?-The game of "What's Missing?" is great for almost all ages because it can be played according to the level of the players. Players are asked to look closely around the room before leaving it. Then, one person takes one object and hides it. Players then return to the room and carefully observe what might have been taken. If you have several players involved, consider purchasing cheap magnifying glasses to hand to each child to enhance the whole "spy" atmosphere. Players have to decide what object is missing from the room. For very young children, obvious objects could be hidden, like a chair or a large picture. For older children, however, more insignificant objects could be hidden making the game more difficult to play.

Online Spy Kids Games

Kids can enjoy spy kids games online as well, and there are numerous games to choose from, including:

  • Scholastic-I Spy games are popular favorites among many children, and Scholastic offers a wide variety of these games online. Kids can choose from I Spy Bingo, I Spy Puzzler, I Spy Mystery Match, I Spy the Library, I Spy City, and The View from Duck Pond Inn to solve secret puzzles, make mystery matches, race against the clock, and solve riddles.
  • Armor Games' "Spy"- In this game, you control a robot that has to sneak into enemy territory. Part-solving and part-physics, this game is lots of fun to play.

Kids love to spy, and whether they're only armed with their imaginations or they have a whole closet full of spy gear, spy games are sure to encourage their creativity and exercise their thinking and reasoning skills.

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Spy Game Ideas for Kids