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Although school uniforms are hotly debated, there are few things cuter than a school uniform gallery. Kids just look adorable when decked out in their school best. If you are looking for ways to jazz up your kids' school uniforms, you just might find ideas for that here.

School uniforms level the playing field, allowing kids to focus on things besides their appearance.

School uniforms usually require girls to wear a blouse and skirt.

Although colors and styles vary by location, school uniforms for boys usually consist of a a solid-color shirt and slacks.

Jumpers are another popular uniform mainstay.

Some schools allow shorts and skorts.

Some even allow dresses.

At some schools, children must wear certain colors on certain days of the week.

At some schools with looser requirements, children are free to choose the colors of their shirts, skirts, and pants.

Plaid is common in school uniform skirts, dresses, and jumpers.

When allowed, colorful ties and belts give uniforms a touch of personality. Of course, one of the benefits of school uniforms is that they take the focus off of fashion.

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School Uniform Gallery