Easy Kids' Birthday Cakes

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Ideas for Simple, Festive Birthday Cakes

If you're not into cake decorating and you don't want to hire a baker to make an elaborate cake, no worries. There are plenty of simple ways to decorate a child's birthday cake that don't involve picking up a piping bag or rolling a single piece of fondant. You can start with a homemade cake, or you can purchase a grocery store cake already frosted and piped with a border. From there, all you have to do is add some easy decorations to make the cake look terrific!

Happy Birthday letter candles

Say It with Candles

There's no need to struggle as you try to pipe a birthday message on your child's cake. This set of letter candles spells out 'Happy Birthday' for you, and it's as easy as sticking the picks in the top of your cake. You can find a set just like this in the cake mix isle.at most grocery stores.

Second birthday cake

Number Candles

Note your child's age with number candles, and then add any other festive touches you want to the top of the cake.

This fancy layer cake is actually very easy to make. Add a generous layer of icing to the top of the bottom layer of cake, and then cover it with sliced strawberries. Gently lay the next layer of cake on top of the first, ice it, and arrange some strawberries on top along with the birthday candle. It will look so fancy that everyone will think you purchased it, and it will taste fantastic.

Birthday cake covered in sprinkles

Pour on the Sprinkles

Most children love sprinkles. Bake a basic cake, ice it, and smother it with candy sprinkles. You'll find a wonderful variety of sprinkles at most grocery stores, as well as craft supply stores and cake decorating supply stores.

Cake covered in M&Ms; Copyright Gemenacom at Dreamstime.com

Cover the Cake with Candies

M&M-style candies are another favorite with kids. Just stick them all over the frosting for a very colorful cake. You could also use Reese's Pieces or Skittles if you prefer. Just think of your child's favorite candy and add them on.

Plastic decoration picks; Copyright Jburnette at Dreamstime.com

Plastic Decoration Picks

Craft stores and cake decorating supply stores usually carry an assortment of decoration picks you can stick on top of a cake. This cake has a Happy Birthday pick as well as some balloon picks. Sprinkles finish the decorations.

Pre-made royal icing decorations; Copyright Melissa King at Dreamstime.com

Royal Icing Decorations

You've probably already seen a cake decoration set similar to this one at your local grocery store. They come in various designs, including a set with letters and numbers. Since these are made of royal icing, you'll want to add them to the cake just before it's time for the party.

Toy train decoration on a birthday cake; copyright Goce Risteski at Dreamstime.com

Toy Decorations

You can buy plastic toys made especially for cake decorating to really make your child's birthday cake something special. If your grocery store doesn't carry them, you should find a very nice selection at your local party supply store. If you like, you could even use real toys like small cars, action figures and more to create a theme cake.

Candy corn fall birthday cake; copyright Denise Kappa at Dreamstime.com

Easy Fall Birthday Cake

This candy corn cake would be nice for a boy or girl who was born in autumn. The design shown here also uses fall-colored sprinkles and a Happy Birthday decoration. This cake would take about ten minutes to decorate once you have frosted it.

Cake trimmed with ribbons and a mylar balloon; copyright Rosemary Buffoni at Dreamstime.com

Ribbons and a Mylar Balloon

You can find a mylar balloon on a stick wherever birthday balloons are sold. Some florists also carry them. Curling ribbon is trailed around the bottom of the cake for a border. Another ribbon with Happy Birthday printed on it is wrapped around the cake. A nice topping of sprinkles completes the decorations.

Store bought birthday cake; copyright Elena Elisseeva at Dreamstime.com

The Easiest Birthday Cake of All

If you're looking for a truly easy birthday cake, nothing is easier than buying one from your local bakery or grocery store. A cake like the one pictured here can usually be purchased for less than $20.00, and the bakery can even add your child's name. Just add candles, and you're ready to sing Happy Birthday!

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Easy Kids' Birthday Cakes