Scientific Method Worksheets

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When your students do a science experiment, what process do they use to investigate? If they are simply learning about science topics, but not applying the scientific method to their studies, then they are not really doing science. Below, you will find a collection of scientific method worksheets that will help prompt your students to go through the process each and every time they do an experiment.

Worksheets for K-8

The following worksheets are divided into approximate grade levels, and are focused on scientific inquiry skills that are age and grade appropriate. They are also customizable, so whether you're observing a reaction or observing something over a long period of time, you can make the worksheets that work for you.

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If you focus only on helping kids make good observations and learn how to measure things correctly, you will have helped them tremendously in their future scientific endeavors. Kids at this age need to be taught how to measure and describe things precisely. Focus on science that can be described concretely such as life science and geology. Worksheets that employ the scientific method will include a hypothesis or a purpose, and lots of space to draw and label what the child is seeing.


At this point, kids need to be taught how to record data, create hypotheses and read the data to draw conclusions. Data should be kept simple and you should wait to introduce the idea of controls and variables until your students have a firm grasp on the other parts of the scientific method.


Students at this age are capable of asking and answering unique questions that require research as well as experimentation. During middle school, students should be taught how to set up an experiment properly, and skills such as measurement, data collection and graphing need to be honed. Middle schoolers should be able to draw valid conclusions for the data they collect, and should be able to isolate numerous variables in a multi-step experiment.

Using Worksheets

One thing that is difficult to train students to do, is to write down all the information as they go along. Students tend to either write down so much, that they cannot finish the lab, or write down so little that when they go to analyze the data they cannot because they don't have enough information. To help students, print off several copies of a worksheet for each student and set aside regular periods during which they can write information down. Create a checklist of things to look for that are specific to your experiment and when you first start out, check their work regularly so you can fix any errors in record keeping that pop up. If you are consistent, your kids will have a great foundation in the scientific method which they can use to further their study of science in high school.

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Scientific Method Worksheets