Free Printable Valentine Cards for Kids

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Exchanging valentines has been a fun tradition for kids for decades. You can't avoid the boxes of cards of all types that show up in supermarket aisles in February. You can, however, avoid paying for them. Instead, save some money and let your kids get creative at the same time by printing your cards this year.

Printable Cards for Valentine's Day

To print the cards below, click on the link and use the print icon to print. It's best to print them on card stock or heavier paper so that they are a little sturider. If you need help downloading the printable cards, check out these helpful tips.

Print out a couple test versions on regular computer paper first, before you print multiples for giving out to the entire class. You should be able to change the setitngs on your printer to allow more than one card per page.

Embellishing the Cards

Some ideas kids can use to make the cards their own include:

  • Drawing on them with glue and then pouring glitter over them to add sparkle
  • Adding stickers
  • Gluing paper lace to the back of the cards to make a border
  • Taping a treat to the back

More Printable Valentine Cards

There are tons of places where you can download free Valentine's Day cards for any recipient. With these resources, you'll have a fun Valentine's activity for kids that can be completed in no time.

  • DLTK has printable valentine cards for kids, including black and white or color templates, step-by-step directions, and additional gift ideas. Kids will get a kick out of the styles that include Pokemon, Blues Clues, Powerpuff Girls, and even a card you can give to teachers.
  • Activity Village has cards that young girls will like with hearts and pink shades.
  • Kids Turn Central has small, simple cards with animals on them. You'll get a basic "to" and "from" message that you can print four to a sheet.
  • For card projects that are a little more complex and personal, Spoonful has beautiful card project ideas for boys and girls.

The Final Product

While store-made cards are simple and easy to buy, kids will be proud of cards they can cut out and color themselves. Consider making homemade cards a tradition each Valentine's Day. You'll get the kids involved in the holiday in an old-fashioned way.

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Free Printable Valentine Cards for Kids