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When kids complain about being bored, print out one of these quizzes and ask them to give it a try. Not only are they entertaining, they have some educational value as well. Children will love them, and you will, too!

Download Quizzes for Kids

Start out with the two free printable quizzes offered on this page. Each printable has a page with just the questions and a separate page that contains the questions and answers. You'll need to use Adobe to download and print them, and this guide if you need help.

  • The Kids' Trivia Quiz is filled with questions geared for kids from eight to 12, but older children and adults will find it entertaining as well.
  • The Funny Words Quiz is a neat vocabulary builder that asks kids to match up a silly-sounding word with its definition.

More Printable Quiz Fun

If your kids are looking for more fun quizzes, they may enjoy some of the following topics. Like the other printable quizzes, the answers are provided on a separate sheet.

  • Candy Quiz Questions are all about one of every kid's favorite things - sweet, delicious candy. Questions include topics like candy ingredients, slogans, flavors, names, and more. This quiz would make a terrific birthday party game, especially if the child who gets the highest score receives a candy prize.
  • The Printable Christmas Quiz includes questions about Santa's reindeer, holiday movies, and the 12 days of Christmas, to name a few. This quiz would be a fun activity for a class Christmas party.
  • The Bible Quiz asks basic questions about Jesus, Moses, an Archangel, and books in the Bible. Some are easy enough for young Bible students to answer while others offer older children more of a challenge. This quiz would also make a nice activity for Sunday school students of different ages to work on together.
  • The Independence Day Quiz is geared toward older children, and it contains questions such as who first signed the Declaration of Independence and which future president wrote the document. This quiz could be used as part of a unit on this important period in American history.

Online Resources for Printable Quizzes

For many children, simply introducing a new subject by using fun quizzes can change their attitudes about learning. The following websites offer printable quizzes suitable for most children. Some are geared toward specific age groups, so keep that in mind as you browse through what's available.

Learning Can Be Fun

Who says that learning can't be fun? Some kids balk at the idea of taking a quiz outside of school, but when those quizzes are full of fun facts, trivia, and entertaining tidbits, you may find that your children become hooked on them.

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Printable Quizzes for Children