Printable Math Fact Games for Kids

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If your child is someone that learns best when information is presented in a fun and challenging way, then printable math fact games for kids may be the perfect source for your daughter or son to learn some math, and have fun while doing it!

Finding Printable Math Fact Games For Kids

Printable math fact games can be a great way for younger kids to master math problems and to develop an early love of math. and learn to love math. While older children may benefit from printable math fact games as well, many of the printables are targeted towards a younger audience who are learning the basics. Since younger children tend to be a big fan of games, these online games and printable worksheets are the perfect way to help them build a strong foundation that will help them suceed in math throughout their lives.

Adder Ladders

If you're looking for an addition and subtraction game, Adder Ladders is a perfect choice. It's for second to third graders and designed for two players. Print off copies of the game cards (located at the link above) for each of the players you have.

Each player receives a game card. Depending upon the education level of your child, assign a range of numbers. This can be from one to 50, or 70 to 100. Each player writes seven numbers within that range in the red box of the opposite player's game card. When someone yells "start," each player races against the other to finish his ladders. In the first ladder, take two numbers from the red box and write them in the first two spaces. Their sum goes in the next space. Then, use another number from the red box and subtract it from the previous sum. The difference is the next box in your ladder. This number goes at the top of the next ladder, and you choose a different number from the red box to start the game over again. The first player to complete all the ladders wins!

Multiplication Printables

Perhaps you're looking for multiplication printable math fact games for kids. Try Rollin' with the Facts . This is appropriate for grades third through fourth. You need two to four players, two pairs of dice with different colors, and the printable game cards which can be found in the link directly above.

Shuffle the cards, and distribute them evenly among the players face up. The players roll the dice to determine who begins the game (either lowest or highest roll wins). The first player rolls the four dice. He then adds the face up numbers of the dice that are the same color. He then multiplies the two numbers that he arrives at after adding. He writes down the factors (the numbers that he multiplied together), and the overall equation on his paper.

If the math fact is correct, the player can then flip over the solution of the equation if it is amongst his cards. Each player has two turns, except if he multiples wrong. Then the turn is lost. First player to flip over all the cards wins!

Fraction Feud

Perhaps Fraction Feud might became your kid's next favorite game. It's appropriate for ages eight and above, and you need at least two players and a deck of the fraction feud card found at the link above.

Shuffle the cards, and distribute them evenly amongst the players, face down. The players turn one card to each other, and the player with the largest fraction takes all the cards that were played. If two fractions are equivalent, then the players will feud.

The players that have the equivalent cards place the next card from their pile face down, and the next card from their pile face up. The cards that are now face up are evaluated, and the highest fraction wins all the cards. If the cards are equal again, the feud continues until a higher card is played. The first player to take all the cards wins!

Playing Math Games

Once you've downloaded these printable math fact games for kids, it's time to play! Remember, the more your child plays, the more he learns!

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Printable Math Fact Games for Kids