Free Printable Chore Lists for Kids

Misty Karam
princes chore chart
Download the princess chore chart

Printable chore lists make household organization a real possibility. When each family member knows which chores he is assigned on a given day, arguments and miscommunications can be avoided.

Free Printable Chore Lists from LTK

We offer several free printable chore lists in PDF format. If you need help downloading the chore lists, check out these helpful tips.

  • Blank princess chore chart: This chart features a cute princess and blank spaces for you to write in your child's daily chores.
  • Blank princess chart 2: This fairy tale themed chore chart features a castle and the word "princess." Blanks are provided, so you can write in the appropriate chores.
  • Family chore list: This chart has a list of household chores with blanks under the days of the week. Just add the name-- or picture-- of the person assigned to each task.
  • Basic blank chore chart: This simple chart features a blue border and blanks for names and chores.
  • Blank cat chart: This cute chore chart is decorated with a cat and has blanks for your chore list.
  • Dog chore chart: This blank chore chart features a brown dog and a bone.
  • Rainbow horse chart: Another blank chore chart, this one features a horse with a rainbow-colored mane and tail.
  • Baseball chart: This colorful chore chart has a blue background and a baseball theme. It includes a list of common chores.
  • Cowboy chore chart: This blank chore chart features a cowboy shirt and pants.
Free Printable Chore Lists for Kids