Preschool Teaching Ideas

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When your child reaches the age of three, it is time to begin looking for preschool teaching ideas to help give her an academic edge. There are certain skills a child should learn before she enters kindergarten. By teaching these subjects to her now, you can rest assured that she will be ready for school when the time comes.


Preschool refers to the years when your child is getting ready both academically and socially for school, ages three to five. She is beginning to socialize, hold a meaningful conversation, and able to comprehend a lot of knowledge. She is a complete sponge and prime for education. During this time she is learning shapes, colors, counting and the alphabet. Great preschool teaching ideas come from activities that are fun, motivating, engaging, and not overly "school like." Children at this age cannot sit still for very long, so short learning activities work best.

If you are unsure of what to teach or would rather let someone else direct your child's education, not a problem. Not everyone wants to teach her child at home. There are numerous schools that offer great preschool programs.

The best learning environment is a combination of both socialization and at-home education. If you decide to teach your child mostly from home, find a play group, music group or story hour to teach her about interaction and friendships. If you send your child to preschool, continue to teach her at home with fun trips to the zoo or museum, playing games together, reading, and doing fun projects and activities like planting a garden, cooking or art.

Preschool Teaching Ideas

If you are not creative, there are numerous resources you can turn to for help for lesson plans. Preschool teaching ideas are all over the Internet. There are also numerous books written on the subject. If you head to your local teacher supply store, you will find a section geared towards preschool teaching ideas.

When picking out your lessons, try to find a common preschool theme that you change each week. Some theme examples are:

  • On the farm
  • Letter of the week
  • Family
  • Outdoors
  • In the kitchen
  • Dinosaurs or fairies
  • Jobs

Each activity you chose needs to fit into your theme.

Online Resources

The Internet is full of preschool teaching ideas. You can find numerous sites and activities just by searching Google or Yahoo. Use keywords such as:

  • Preschool activities shapes
  • Preschool activities alphabet
  • Preschool worksheets
  • Preschool games
  • Preschool education
  • Use the keywords preschool in combination with the subject and what you are looking for

Here are some recommended sites:

Some sites may ask for a monthly fee. Before paying, see if you can find what you are looking for free first. Activities are added to the Internet everyday.

Books for Preschool Teaching Ideas

A trip to Barnes and Nobles,, or your local teacher's resource store will give you some comprehensive preschool teaching ideas. Many companies offer a series of books with different activities and curriculums. Some recommended series include;

If you plan to use the books for multiple children, consider making a wipe off book. Buy a three ring binder and page protectors. Place each page in a protector and have your child use a dry erase marker when involved in a worksheet. When you are done, you can wipe it off so he can do it again later, or another child can give it a try.

Educational Toys and Books

There are numerous toy companies which focus on learning through play and understand that toys are kids' learning tools They offer games, puzzles and activities that fit perfectly into any preschool curriculum. Some toys that encourage great preschool teaching ideas are a pegboard, shape and pattern toys that resemble tanagrams, ABC and other matching games, memory games, and building toys.

Look for durable toys that can be played with in multiple ways. Dress up clothing, imaginary play props and puppets fit into this category of educational play. Don't forget about toys that open the mind such as clay, blocks and bristle blocks.

Arts and Crafts Activities

Every preschool education needs art. When researching your ideas for teaching, include a hands-on arts or craft project to complement your subject. Range your art projects from drawing, collages, cut outs, 3-D art, and other different forms to keep it exciting and teach your child about art appreciation.

You can find tons of great preschool teaching ideas everywhere. If you know some other parents who have children similar ages, don't be afraid to swap projects and activities. You may want to consider having a preschool day where you each take a week and invite the other children over for preschool learning fun. The most important thing to keep in mind is preschoolers are kids, they just want to play. If you can make learning fun, even better!

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