Preschool Bible Lesson Resources and Teaching Tips

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When searching online for preschool Bible lessons you should keep in mind that not every Christian denomination sees eye to eye on every Biblical matter. Make sure that the lessons you purchase for your kids are representative of your beliefs, or you may have some explaining to do.

Denominational Differences

Whether you belong to an ultra-conservative church or you attend a church which has relatively liberal ideologies regarding the Bible, you may run across preschool Bible lessons which clash with the things you want to teach your children. Although a majority of preschool Bible lessons for kids consist of generalized Bible stories retold in simple terms, there are some lessons available which are designed to push certain ideas and beliefs which may differ from your own:

  • Some Bible lessons may peg certain lifestyles and choices as wrong. If you don't think these issues should be dealt with at this young age - or if you don't particularly feel these lifestyles are necessarily wrong - then be aware that some lessons will aggressively discuss these topics.
  • Catholic Bible lessons will have certain rituals and beliefs within the lessons, such as praying the Rosary or the idea of consecrated hosts, which may confuse preschoolers from other denominations.
  • Some Christian denominations rebuke the idea that dinosaurs once walked the Earth or that any form of evolution ever took place. Make sure the lessons you share with your children are not contrary to your own beliefs.

Find Preschool Bible Lessons

You can find plenty of Bible lessons which are appropriate for your preschooler from a variety of sources. Many of the resources are free.


  • Little Blessings Bible Lessons offers a comprehensive Bible lesson plan for preschoolers which is appropriate for parents, Sunday school teachers, and anyone else who is in the position to teach Bible lessons to children. The lessons include:
    • Practical tips for teaching children
    • Bible verses to reference during the lesson
    • Craft ideas to accompany the lessons

Although many items are sold on this site, there is also a good selection of free lessons which can be used at home or in church.

  • Sunday School Fun Zone offers complete Bible lessons which are designed specifically for children aged two and three. The lessons sold on this site are interactive and include plenty of craft ideas, but there are not many free resources available through this website.

Bookstores and both feature Bible lesson plans for purchase online, and almost any mainstream bookstore that you visit will have some form of Bible studies for kids.

If you live in a town that has a Christian bookstore or gift shop then this is an ideal place to look for Bible lesson plans for preschoolers.

Your Church

If you attend a church then you may be able to get free materials from the children's ministry department. Some churches are able to give away fantastic lessons to their preschoolers while other churches may offer a book and video library for use on a temporary basis.

You're a Teacher Too

Whether you are trying to teach your preschoolers about the Bible or any other subject, you are their first (and most important) teacher. You can find creative ways to work Bible lessons into your everyday encounters without needing a written lesson plan.

  • Reference God when your children ask you questions about the world around them. If your preschooler wants to know why someone has different colored hair than yours then you can answer with, "God makes everyone different?isn't that great?" This can open up a discussion about how God influences everything and everyone.
  • Use Biblical principles to help your child in everyday situations. If your preschooler complains of fearing the dark, use this as an opportunity to explain how God will always protect him or her, and that prayer is a great way to ease fears.

Always remember that you should also practice what you preach. Don't go through an elaborate lesson with your preschooler about loving your neighbor and then scream obscenities at other drivers while in the car. Although it is true that preschoolers can learn a lot from formal lessons, it's the everyday things they see which help to fashion their belief systems.

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Preschool Bible Lesson Resources and Teaching Tips