Power Ranger Toy Types

Amazon has Power Rangers!
Amazon has Power Rangers!

Power Rangers started as a television program in the early-1990s, gained speed with Power Ranger toys, and maintained popularity by reinventing the show each year. From Mighty Morphin to Mystic Force, the show is now in its fourteenth season.

Power Ranger History

Developed as a superhero television show to appeal to young boys, the series gained momentum over the years by adapting the characters and storylines to prevent the franchise from getting stale. Of course, a new theme and title every year made it necessary to develop new Power Ranger toys as well.

The show was based on a Japanese superhero series and was adapted to American audiences by casting English-speaking actors and using the original Japanese footage for the costumed characters. Beginning with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which aired on Fox for three seasons (beginning in 1993), and continuing through to the current Mystic Force series, the Ranger franchise has experienced great success. In 2007, to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the series, Operation Overdrive will begin airing. The shows can been seen on Disney-owned networks, (Jetix, Toon Disney and ABC Kids).

Power Ranger Characters

Since Power Rangers are superheroes, they need to have special powers. The original series introduced their power to morph (hence Mighty Morphin) from a person to a superhero. Not unlike Superman who dons his cape, Power Rangers would transform into superheroes that wore a battle suit and helmet, no doubt to hide their secret identity. And, what would a superhero be without superhuman powers, including strength, telepathic powers, and invisibility? The "team" consists of five Rangers, each with a different colored costume. A sixth Ranger has also been known to join the team. Colors throughout the series have included red, yellow, blue, pink, green, black and white.

Concerns About Violence

The series always includes battle against an enemy, with Rangers defeating them and ultimately learning a lesson along the way. The show has wide appeal with boys and raises some concern over the violence involved. The Power Ranger toys are recommended for ages four through eight, but many parents feel the toys are more appropriate for older boys who can better discern that the show is fantasy and ultimately take something away from the lesson shared. Be aware that the action figure toys typically include weapons, such as guns and swords.

Power Ranger Toys

The most common Power Ranger toys are five inch action figures, ranging in cost from $9 to $13. Each is a different character, with a variety of weapons included. There is a large assortment of action figures - some light up, have sound or other action features.


Your child can role play with the right Ranger equipment, including:


Power Ranger toys include vehicles such as cycles and all-terrain trackers:


Power Ranger Toy Types