Where to Find Plastic Playhouses for Girls and Boys

A playhouse makes a great gift for a young child.

Plastic playhouses give kids a special space of their own to explore.

Buying a Playhouse

Playhouses are wonderful kids outdoor toys, but there are a few important questions to consider before any playhouse purchase. For example:

  • How much space do we have available for the playhouse? If you're not exactly sure, it's a good idea to measure the area before you go shopping.
  • How long do we plan to use this playhouse? While a tiny playhouse may be all a toddler needs, a larger playhouse is great for preschoolers and elementary school children. Of course, a bigger playhouse will also be necessary if you have more than one child or frequently host play dates at your house.
  • How much can I afford to spend? Playhouses are available to fit almost any budget, although the more expensive models do tend to come with extra features.
  • What features are most important to my child? A little girl who loves to cook pretend meals for her favorite stuffed animals may want a playhouse with a kitchen and dining area. In comparison, an active boy may be wishing for a playhouse with a slide or an attached basketball hoop.

Advantages of Plastic Playhouses

If you're in the market for a new playhouse, remember that plastic offers several advantages. For example:

  • A playhouse made from plastic is usually more affordable than a wooden playhouse.
  • Plastic playhouses are easy to assemble.
  • A plastic playhouse requires minimal maintenance; just rinse it off with your garden house.
  • A plastic playhouse is amazingly versatile. Let your kids play with it outdoors in the summer, then move it to a corner of your basement or family room for the winter months.

Playhouses for Girls

If your daughter has been campaigning for a special nook to host tea parties with her friends, LoveToKnow Kids recommends these charmingly feminine playhouse designs:

  • Courtyard Cottage: An easy open door and real doorbell makes this the perfect playhouse for entertaining friends.
  • Sweetheart Playhouse: Your little girl will love playing in this plastic playhouse that features a working door, pretend kitchen and cute pink heart decor.
  • Pink Four Seasons Playhouse: This pink and purple playhouse is smaller than most, but still includes great features like a built-in postal box with open mail slot and an electronic doorbell.
  • Welcome Home Playhouse & Sand Box: The accompanying sand box sets this playhouse apart from the others.

Playhouses for Boys

If you're looking for a playhouse with a more masculine look, LoveToKnow Kids suggests the following options:

  • Cape Cottage: Your children will feel all grown up with their own play house.
  • Little Tikes Town Playhouse: A basketball hoop, a soccer/hockey net, and targets for ball toss encourage physical activity and cooperative play within this clever playhouse.
  • Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber: The Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber is a wonderful choice for parents in search of a playhouse that includes many of the features found in a backyard jungle gym.
  • Endless Adventure Playhouse: This great playhouse features an attached slide and gives you the option of adding a two station swing set for even more fun.
Where to Find Plastic Playhouses for Girls and Boys