Types of Penguin Toys

Handmade stuffed knit penguin

Penguins have recently waddled from Antarctica straight up to the big screen, and penguin toys are suddenly in-demand. With the breakout popularity of March of the Penguins and the zany Madagascar penguins, interest in penguins has soared. From stuffed kids' toys to earrings, there are a variety of penguin gifts available for kids of all ages.

Plush Penguin Toys

Whether you are searching for fun, whimsical penguins in the vein of the Madagascar group or you prefer the softer, gentler side portrayed in March of the Penguins, there is a plush penguin toy available to suit your tastes. As with any toy, pay attention to the recommended age range. Many plush toys feature parts that could dislodge and pose a choking hazard to infants or young children. Remove all tags before giving penguin toys to young children.

Character Plush Penguins

Retro penguin favorites, Chilly Willy and Opus, are still available at places like eBay and other auction sites, and at resale and consignment shops -- if you don't mind used toys. If you do opt for a vintage stuffed toy, it should be used as a collectible only and not as a plaything.

Penguin Puppets

Kids of all ages can benefit from puppets. Infants can giggle and coo at a friendly penguin toy puppet as their eyes learn to follow an object. Older children can learn useful creative skills as they act out scenes, plays, and musicals with their puppets. Luckily, there are a variety of penguin puppets available.

Penguin Water Toys

Whether in the bath tub or in the pool, most kids love to play in the water. Sharing the water with a friendly penguin makes water play all the more enjoyable. Remember, though, that children must be taught about water safety. Young children and infants should always be supervised while in or near the water.

Penguin Games

Penguin games are available for kids as young as five years old. Games vary from card games to console games.

Websites Devoted to Penguin Toys

For even more penguin toys, visit the following websites. Devoted entirely to our tuxedoed friends, they offer toys that are cute and cuddly as well as unusual.

  • The Penguin Gift Shop -- This site offers plush toys featuring penguins of all ages and stages-- mommy and baby, mommy and daddy, daddy looking for egg, etc. They also sell penguin figurines, sweatshirts, and more.

Trend to Continue

The trend toward kids collecting the earthbound birds is likely to continue with the release of Happy Feet in November, 2006.

Types of Penguin Toys