Best Parenting Magazines

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The best parenting magazines deliver informative articles, practical tips, sage advice, great activity ideas and helpful hints on how to handle every aspect of parenthood imaginable with your child. There are a number of magazines to choose from, each one offering up something a little different from the other. It is always best to check out what each one has to offer and see which magazine(s) are the best fit for you.

Best Parenting Magazines

The following is a list of some of the best parenting magazines that are available:

Parents Magazine

Parents Magazine is consistently one of the top parenting magazines in the U.S. It is also the #1 Best Seller on Amazon. It offers insight into a wide variety of topics that focus on the daily needs and concerns of mothers and their growing children. A few of these topics include a child's growth and development, discipline, health, behavior, and education. There are also articles for mothers that discuss health, nutrition, pregnancy, marriage, and beauty. It also contains plenty of how-to articles, activities and craft projects. You can subscribe on their website. A subscription costs around $6.00 for 12 issues.

Family Circle

Family Circle is also a leader in parenting and family magazines according to PSA Research Center. Family Circle is a magazine that covers every aspect of family life. It features health, home decorating, healthy cooking, fashion, beauty, and activities to do with the kids such as crafts and more. You can visit their website to subscribe to their magazine. It is priced at about $10.00 for 12 issues.

Working Mother

Working Mother is a magazine geared towards the career-oriented working mothers who are raising a family hands-on as well. It is highly ranked as one of the best parenting magazines on This magazine offers information and advice on a variety of issues, such as a child's growth and development, child care, education, and health. It also focuses on the needs of the working mother herself, such as personal health, nutrition, career options, finances, fashion, and beauty. This magazine is designed and committed to making life easier for working mothers to ensure a good work/life balance. The subscription is around $10.00 for the year and you can subscribe on their website.

FamilyFun Magazine

FamilyFun is part of the Parents Magazine network and is a highly ranked parenting magazine according to Cision Media Research. This magazine focuses on parents with young children ages 3 to 12. The articles feature various topics such as family cooking, vacation ideas, party planning, how to manage the holidays and hands-on crafts. There are 8 issues a year and the membership is free.

American Baby

American Baby Magazine is also part of the Parents Magazine network. It contains information on topics such as fertility, pregnancy, your child's growth and development, health care, recipes, activities to do with the kids and other parenting issues. It ranks in the top third in the U.S. by circulation figures according to Alliance for Audited Media. You can subscribe to American Baby for free on their website.

Many Choices

While these are considered the best parenting magazine options, there are other parenting magazines to choose from as well. The most practical thing to do is to check out the magazines that interest you and see which one gives you that invaluable information that you can relate to the most. The initial subscription rates are pretty reasonable so it may be worth your while to sign up for a year. This way you should be able to find a parenting magazine that applies best to you and your family's lifestyle.

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Best Parenting Magazines