Online Dress-Up Dolls for Kids

Susie McGee
Illustration of dress up dolls in different outfits

Many little girls love to play kids dress-up dolls. While your daughter can enjoy dressing up her paper dolls at home, there are also plenty of dress-up websites that she can visit with your guidance. Years ago, paper dolls were used to teach kids how to dress and coordinate, but today online dress-up dolls for kids are the technological equivalent. With a tremendous variety of different dolls and a range of unique related dress-up venues, kids can learn a great deal more from playing online than they ever could from limited paper doll collections.

Online Resources for Dress-Up Dolls

The following websites will provide plenty of opportunities to play dress-up dolls. Many of these sites offer a variety of games along with the ability to create your own profile. If you have any favorite sites that you'd like to share with our readers, please do so in the comments section of this article. Enjoy!

  • Marapets: Once you've created an online account on this site, you can use the doll makers feature on the site to create your own virtual doll. Choose features such as eyes, hair, skin color, and hair color to make your doll unique.
  • Dress-Up Games: This site features a large selection of dress-up activities and games that even preteens and teens will enjoy! Game titles include "Back to School Ultracool", "Create Your Own Character", "Couple Dress-Up", and "Street Fashion Dress-Up Doll."
  • 99: With a title like this, there's no doubt that you'll find plenty to do at this site! New games that have recently been added include "Goddess Dress-Up", "Sweet Girl Dress-Up", and "Top Fashion Model Dress-Up." There are also a number of Barbie dress-up games, makeup games, and even room decorating games.
  • Dress-Up Doll Games: If your little girls loves Bratz and Barbies, then she'll love this website. There is also a selection of decorating and fashion games here as well.

Inspiring Imagination

Whether your girl considers herself a fashion diva or she just simply loves playing with her dolls, choosing to play dress-up dolls will help her develop her creative side. Imagination comes in all shapes and sizes. Toddlers soon learn to play imaginary roles as they experiment with different toys and objects, and that creativity should continue as they grow and develop.

Whether a child plays with her dolls and dreams of being a mommy, or she loves to try out new fashions and styles that she assembles, she is feeding her imagination and creativity. It's easy to encourage these activities by providing dolls and accessories, but with the prevalence of technology in homes throughout the country, playing dress-up dolls has now gone virtual as well!

Online Dress-Up Dolls for Kids