New Year's Activities for Kids

New Years Activities for Kids

Spend some time together with your family ringing in the new year with our New Years activities for kids suggestions.

Fun New Years Activities for Kids

Planning a party for kids is all about food, fun, and games. You can't expect kids to come up with their own fun 100 percent of the time, so why not incorporate some fun New Years activities for kids into the mix? Consider the following:

  • Children's ages-If you plan on having a broad age range among your party guests, then be sure you have several activities that will work for all the children. You may need to divide up the room according to age, with adults helping the smaller children.
  • Timing-Organize your party into segments. If you plan on serving food, when do you want to do so--before the games or after? Once kids start playing, it can be difficult to corral them to the table.
  • Food-Speaking of food, what kind of food do you want to serve? If you've invited small children, finger foods might work best.
  • Supplies-What kind of supplies will you need for your party? If you plan on doing any crafts, gather the supplies ahead of time, and be sure you have enough for everyone. If you plan on playing games, are you going to give prizes? If so, purchase inexpensive prizes to hand out, as well, but be sure everyone has an opportunity to win something.
  • Activities-What kind of activities do you want to do? Games? Crafts? It helps to make out a schedule or list of what you want the kids to do.

Even if you aren't planning a party and just need some fun activities to occupy your children, there are lots of things you can do!


A wonderful way to ring in New Years is to encourage kids' interests in arts and crafts. Pull out your craft box, and pass out the construction paper, glue sticks, glitter, paints and markers. The following craft suggestions will get you started:

  • New Years hats-Purchase some inexpensive party hats at your local dollar store. If they have patterns on them, don't worry. Just glue on construction paper, then let kids go to town decorating them with paints, markers, glitter, even buttons and sequins.
  • Photo frame-Pick up plastic photo frames at a dollar store, then let kids decorate them with the art supplies you have on hand. You can also pick up framing mats and decorate those, adding some wire or a magnet to the back for hanging.
  • Calendar-Creating a calendar for the coming year is the perfect craft! Print calendar sheets off from your computer. Give kids construction paper, and let them decorate each page. Then, attach the calendar pages together using glue, brads, ribbon, staples, etc.
  • Posters-Have a poster contest, and let kids create posters that feature their New Year's resolutions, vacation plans, wishes, etc.


Why not start off the new year with a few fun games? Check out the following ideas, and if you have any more you'd like to add, please do in the comments section of this article.

  • Pinata-While you can purchase a piñata to use, you can also make one with a large grocery bag that is spray-painted in a metallic color, filled with goodies, and taped closed. Let kids take turns hitting it with a stick until it bursts.
  • Musical clocks-This is a variation of the popular musical chairs, but instead of chairs, place paper-drawn clocks on the floor for kids to stand on.
  • Scavenger hunt-Kids love a scavenger or treasure hunt, and it is an easy activity to do any time of the year. Hand each child a list of items to search for. You can always divide kids into teams if necessary, pairing older children with younger ones. Hand out prizes to the winners.

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New Year's Activities for Kids