Makeup and Dress Up Games

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Dress up and makeup games engage the imagination of kids of all ages. Pretend play is an important part of child development, and dressing up as another person or putting on makeup is a fun way for kids to act out their unique stories. Today's dress up and makeup games are not limited to rummaging through Grandma's keepsake boxes in the attic or putting on Mom's old makeup. From toys designed to enhance dress up play to online dress up and makeup games, kids have more outlets for creative play.

Kids' Dress up Game Ideas

Colorforms Dress Up Games for Girls

When playing with Colorforms, children choose a character that they will eventually dress with clothing and accessories that they can stick to their character's body. Since more than one child can play this game at a time, it can be a game used to teach sharing, decision making, and using accessories to decorate a character.

Pretty Princess

Many little girls go through a phase when they want to dress up in glamorous outfits and look like a princess. Browse dollar stores to find inexpensive plastic tiaras, feather boas and sparkly jewelry for your child to wear. Allow her to put on a fancy holiday dress or purchase an inexpensive frilly dress at a local thrift store. After Halloween, many party stores and large discount stores will often have princess costumes available at deep discounts to add to your collection.

When I Grow Up

With this game, children dress up to imitate popular careers. Use a white button down shirt to represent a doctor's coat or add one of dad's ties to dress up as a businessman.

Play-Doh Dress Up Art

Sit down with your child and create little characters out of Play-Doh. Use different colors of the dough to personalize the characters with clothing and accessories like bow ties and necklaces.

Costume Contest

Have the entire family dress up in costumes, and hold a costume contest. Create one or two winning categories and give a prize to the winners. Tailor the amount of winners and prizes to the number of contest participants.

Makeup Game Ideas

Mom's Makeup

When it comes to makeup games, many girls just want to put on makeup. Pull out different colors of eyeshadow, lipstick and blush and allow girls to experiment. Do not worry if eyeshadow ends up on her cheeks or lipstick is on her eyelids. Younger girls may be content to use empty lipstick tubes and clean makeup brushes while pretending to put makeup on.

Photo Shoot

Pretend that your child is going to take part in a photo shoot and give her the full professional makeup treatment. Once her face is all made up, use your camera to stage the photo shoot and have her practice making creative facial expressions for the camera. You may combine this game with a pretty princess or glamorous dress up game for a more elaborate photo shoot.

Animal Faces

Instead of putting on traditional makeup, use basic makeup or face paint to create animal faces. Draw on whiskers with eyeliner and cover her nose with pink blush to turn her into a cat or mouse. Coat the face in orange face paint and black stripes to make a tiger.

Online Dress Up and Makeup Games

Online dress up and makeup games allow girls to express their creativity on the computer. These games give girls a wider selection of clothing and makeup choices than they are likely to find in their own homes and give them the ability to create truly unique designs.

  • Stardoll: Stardoll's dress up games allow girls to choose cartoon versions of popular models and celebrities to dress up.
  • Dress Up Girl: The site is for older girls and teens who like dress-up games. Activities include Barbie Dress Up, Wedding Dress Up, Doll Maker and Couple Dress Up.
  • Dress Up Games: The website features dress-up games for older girls and young women who like fashion and fashion design.
  • PBS Kids: PBS Kids features a game called Pinkamagine Fashion.

Benefits of Dress-Up Games

Children can learn valuable school and life skills playing these games. The process of selecting various outfits and accessories and placing them on toys, cyber characters or paper dolls can teach them to identify colors and shapes, as well as develop their motor skills. Putting on a costume can also help a child learn to dress herself and deal with buttons, zippers and tying shoe laces. Outfitting a toy for a tea party can also help a child become more aware of how different social situations call for dressier clothes, and provide a chance to practice how to set a table and learn about manners and etiquette.

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