Kindergarten Websites Helpful for Learning

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Kindergarten websites can be a fantastic resource for teachers, parents, and children. With a plethora of websites focused on children in this age group, finding resources has never been easier. Here's a guide to finding the perfect kindergarten websites to meet your needs.

Kindergarten Websites for Teachers

Kindergarten teachers who are looking for ideas to put a little variety into their lesson plans will do well with websites aimed at meeting these goals. Reference websites for kindergarten teachers have a little bit of everything - from lessons aimed at meeting specific learning objectives to theme-based unit studies that meet a variety of learning objectives. Resource websites have been set up by product manufacturers, learning associations, college students and experienced teachers who seek to share information with others. You can also find kindergarten websites with printables, coloring pages and games designed with age-appropriate learning objectives in mind. Some kindergarten websites geared towards teachers include:

  • Kinderteacher has a variety of ideas for kindergarten teachers. Resources on the site include first-day-of-school activities, literature-based units and classroom activities.
  • ABC123Kindergarten is a teacher website that offers classroom management strategies, songs of the week, alphabet activities and more.

Websites for Parents

Websites for parents of kindergartners emphasize activities that you can do at home to support your child's education. There are also sites for parents who homeschool, providing you with lesson plans and activities geared towards kindergarten learning objectives. Here are a few great resources for parents of kindergarten students:

  • SoftSchools offers free printable worksheets that parents can use at home with their kindergarten children. Sheets focus on math, reading and language development.
  • Gamequarium features online learning games you can play with your children.

Websites for Kindergartners

Kindergarten students enjoy surfing the web like big kids, and there are a variety of safe kindergarten websites they can visit. The websites feel like play, but many support kindergarten learning objectives like reading and math. Try these fun websites with your children:

  • Kinderweb has interactive games for young minds. Games focus on basic skills like counting, alphabet, categorizing, counting money, telling times and identifying matching objects.
  • Scholastic Books Clifford the Big Red Dog website has interactive story books that allow children to explore the world of this always popular giant canine.
  • PBS Kids interactive Sesame Street games support the learning objectives taught on the popular kids' show. Children can virtually interact with their favorite characters as they learn.

Websites for Homeschoolers

Parents who homeschool are faced with unique challenges. Since kindergarten may be many parents' first attempt at homeschooling, finding supportive resources to assist with time management, learning objectives, curriculum and life skills can help both brand new and experienced homeschoolers to keep their children learning. Some excellent kindergarten homeschooling resources include:

  • Best Homeschooling features a variety of articles that discuss theory, psychological factors, curriculum ideas and more associated with homeschooling from experts who know how to do it.
  • Education Bug has specific advice on homeschooling, as well as links to curriculum sites.
  • The Homeschool Diner links to sites and curriculum guides that can help you to create a homeschool experience conducive to learning.

The Internet is a great place for everyone involved in kindergarten education. Whether you are a parent, a teacher or a homeschooler, you're sure to find ideas and activities on the Internet that will enhance education.

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Kindergarten Websites Helpful for Learning