Kids' Online Logic Game Websites

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Kids online logic games allows kids to have fun while learning at the same time!

Logic Games

If you aren't familiar with logic games, you're certainly not alone. For many parents, the words logic and kids just don't go hand in hand! Still, helping your kids develop their logic skills will provide them so many benefits that will continue for the rest of their lives. Kids online logic games provide another option than simply staring at the computer for entertainment. Logic games build kids' thinking skills, allowing them to think outside the box. They must use their reasoning skills, thinking beyond the apparent answer and searching for more than just the obvious. Most states require students to pass rigorous graduation exams, and while many of these tests are based on measuring a child's retention of core subject areas, there are typically objectives and standards that seek to measure a child's thinking skills, as well.

A New Way to Learn

Logic doesn't just happen. Of course we are born with some innate logic skills, but these skills can also be developed. Kids love to learn (even though they may often deny this). It's how they learn that influences how they succeed. In today's fast-paced world, learning has taken new paths, and technology is fast replacing the standard textbook-based classroom learning environment. Savvy parents and educators realize this and continue to look for ways to motivate children. They know that technology will open the doors to the future for their children. Technology used in positive instruction can encourage learning in every area of education, including reading, language, social studies, science, math, the arts, and vocational areas.

Finding Games

Searching for kids online logic games is as simple as Googling. You can do a search online for games that are appropriate for your kids. How do you know if they are appropriate? Use the following checklist:

  • Is the site secure? You never want to turn your kids loose on the computer without your guidance and protection. What might initially look like an innocent site might actually be set up to find out more than just your child's intelligence. Don't allow your kids to give out any personal information! Remind them of this over and over. You might be more comfortable with a site that doesn't provide e-mail or chat room access.
  • Is the site free? Don't pay for something you can get for free! There are numerous sites on the Internet designed to test and enhance your child's logic skills. We've found a few, and you can easily find them as well.
  • Is the site age appropriate for your child?-While there are numerous kids online logic games on the Web, are they right for your child? If you choose a site that is simply too difficult for your child, he'll immediately become frustrated and may even refuse your attempts at encouraging him to try another site. Read the fine print, and take a good look at the games before you allow your child to access the site.

Several Kids Online Logic Games

The following sites have some great logic games for you and your kids to try. Check them out!

  • Super Kids-At this site you'll find a collection of classic mind-challenging games that focus on spatial reasoning and strategy. They're fun, and they're free!
  • Woodlands Junior School-At this site, you'll find lots of great games to help improve your child's logic skills. The site is designed for kids ages 7 to 11 years old.
  • Discovery Eduation-This site has some awesome brain boosters, focusing on lateral thinking, categorization, logic number, math play, spatial awareness, and reasoning.
  • The Kidz Page-At this site, your kids will love the online games, coloring pages, logic games, language games, logic puzzles, and more.
  • DW Kids-Another great site full of some great logic games for your kids to enjoy online!
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Kids' Online Logic Game Websites