Kids' Haircut Pictures

Free Kids Haircut Pictures

Before you head to the hair salon with your kids, check out kids haircut pictures for ideas. Remember to factor in your child's hair type, texture, and length, as well as his or her face shape. Lifestyle and habits are important as well. If you have to beg your daughter to wash or brush her hair, a long, complicated style is probably not appropriate.


If your son likes punk styles, and if they are allowed at his school, consider a mohawk. This is a bit of a rebellious look, so expect to attract a few second glances.

Another Mohawk

Another, slightly different version of the mohawk, this one has longer sides.

Classic Bob with Bangs

The bob is a classic look, one that will never go out of style. It is low-maintenance and looks great on everyone. This is the classic version. This style is particularly good for straight, fine hair.

Another Bob

Here is another bob, this one slightly shorter and with wavy hair.

Medium Bob

Bobs do not have to be extremely short. Since this cut is quite versatile, it works equally well for longer lengths. Here is a medium-length bob with bangs. This is a fun length that is easy to maintain.

Longer Bob

For a completely different take on a bob, try a longer length with a side part. Since the style features longer, side-swept bangs, it's appropriate for older children.

Messy Look

Although this style looks carefree and windblown, it actually requires daily styling with mousse or gel. If your son has little interest in his hair, skip this cut.


Braids are a popular option for African American kids. This style is a bit labor intensive, so it's not the best choice for younger kids.

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Kids' Haircut Pictures