Where to Find Kids' Floor Puzzles

ABC puzzle

While kids floor puzzles may sound like just another toy, they offer more than fun. These multi-purpose puzzles will educate and entertain your kids, and they'll also accentuate your decor.

What Are Kids Floor Puzzles

Just like their smaller counterparts, kids floor puzzles are interlocking pieces that form a big picture. Floor puzzles are much larger, though, and may even cover the entire floor. While regular puzzles are often entertaining in nature, floor puzzles are more often educational. You can find floor puzzles in a variety of themes, including:

  • Alphabet
  • Counting
  • Space
  • Geography
  • Transportation
  • Community helpers
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Popular characters, such as Dora and Thomas

With their range of educational opportunities, floor puzzles are a wonderful decorating option for schools, day cares, homeschools, and playrooms. Since they are usually made of foam, floor puzzles are relatively inexpensive and easy to clean, too.

The larger pieces make these puzzles ideal for young children.

Where to Buy Floor Puzzles

Kids floor puzzles are available at most toy stores, book stores, and department stores. They're also sold at some children's furniture stores. If you can't find them locally or simply prefer to shop online, you can find floor puzzles for children at Amazon.com and many other websites. In addition, you'll find some of our favorites below.

Jigsaw Jungle

With a name like Jigsaw Jungle, you'd expect this company to have lots of puzzles, and they deliver. Although not all the puzzles are the floor variety, they are all fun and kid-approved. Floor mat puzzles offered here include:

  • African Plains
  • Alien Friends
  • Map of Canada
  • Dinosaurs
  • Construction

Unusual Puzzles

If you're bored by the alphabet, animals, and transportation, or you just want something specialized or a little off the beaten path, try some of these puzzles:

  • Children of the World: Equally at home or in a multi-cultural classroom, this vibrant floor puzzle is an introduction to diversity at its most beautiful. It features children from 12 different countries, all wearing native dress.
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Where to Find Kids' Floor Puzzles