Kids' Easter Coloring Pages

Easter Basket
Click to print the Easter basket.

The Easter season is a big part of spring. Get out those crayons and let your kids color these original Easter pages that you can download and print for free.

Free Easter Coloring Pages

Easter coloring pages create even more excitement around what is already one of many kids' favorite holidays. Since there are both religious and secular aspects to this holiday, one of these designs is bound to suit whichever traditions you hold. Just click on any of the pages below to download and print a copy for your child. If you need help downloading any of the printable pages, check out these helpful tips.

More Easter Coloring Fun

Typically, Easter pages have a lot of fun elements to color, including bunnies, eggs, and Easter baskets, but some sites offer pages with religious themes as well. The following websites will give you a wide variety of free pages to choose from.

Calvary Kids Pages

Calvary Kids Pages offers a good selection of religious-themed coloring pages that include scenes like the last supper, Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane, and Bible verses. They also have other fun coloring pages like a connect-the-dots Easter bunny and a color-by-number Easter Egg. Click on any image to open the file, and then just click the print icon.


Coloring.WS offers quite a few coloring pages with Easter themes. Some of their more whimsical designs include a bunny face that kids can fill in, a musical Easter bunny, and a duckling hatching from an Easter egg. Just click on any image to open the template, and then click to print.

Baby Center

Baby Center offers eight cute coloring pages with designs that include an Easter egg hunt, a bunny in an egg, and a bunny and a chick with egg baskets. Simply click on the link for each page, and then click the green download button to print.

Enrich Your Easter Celebration

Encouraging kids to color Easter pages isn't just fun; this activity can help them gain a better understanding of the holiday and appreciate the way your family celebrates it. Consider making Easter coloring pages a part of your family's annual holiday tradition.

Kids' Easter Coloring Pages