Kids' Bed Tent Benefits and Themes

Princess bed tent at Amazon
Princess bed tent at Amazon

Imagine a fantasyland wrapped in a world of sleepy time and you have the image of the perfect kids bed tent. A cozy nook designed especially for a child, bed tents offer many advantages for children and their parents.

Utilize Kids Bed Tents to Help with Bedtime

Some parents may take one look at the children's bed tents for sale at the local toy store and think, "Wow… that's the most unnecessary item ever made!" However, these same parents have not yet discovered how tents help for the hard-to-put-to-bed kid crowd.

Basically, bed tents are contraptions safely placed on top of a child's bed. The child can then climb under the tent and comfortably fall asleep. A tent can make bedtime fun and exciting, especially if children are only given access to the tent during nighttime hours. Over time, using a bed tent can be a privilege, and many kids will cooperate simply for permission just to get inside and go to sleep!

Warm and Cozy

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Children are notorious for saying they are afraid of going to sleep because there are monsters under their bed, they're afraid of the dark, or they're scared to be alone in their rooms. Kids bed tents can be instant solutions to some of these common problems.

First, a bed tent provides a covering or a form of protection for the child. The child may believe that he or she is safe from anything scary as long as he or she stays under the tent.

Second, if a child is allowed to bring a small flashlight inside of the tent, this can help quell his or her fears of the dark. A flashlight inside of a tent should be enough light to ease fears of the dark.

Finally, a bed tent can be made into a mini-home for the child. He or she can place favorite toys or stuffed animals inside of the tent to make it feel like he or she is not alone.

Tents for Girls

There are kids bed tents designed for both girls and boys. Some of the most popular girl designs available are:

  • Lady bugs
  • Flowers
  • Castles
  • Dollhouses
  • Barbies
  • Superheroes

Tents designed for girls are usually made of friendly colors and may contain inside pockets so she can store a book, a cup of water, or any other personal items.

Tents for Boys

Bed tents for boys are just as popular as the tents available for girls. Some of the most exciting designs for boys are:

  • Race cars
  • Treehouses
  • Trains
  • Superheroes

Tents for boys usually contain windows, and may come with other accessories to make sleeping inside a whole lot of fun!

Use the Imagination

One of the best aspects of bed tents for children is that they encourage kids to be creative and use their imaginations. Under bed tents, children can pretend that they are going to sleep inside of a castle, on a train, with their favorite princess, or inside of their favorite type of car. No matter what the theme, the tents help children to fall asleep in happy moods, thus promoting peaceful sleep.

Upon waking, children may decide not to race out of their rooms to wake up their parents in the morning. Hopefully, they will instead want to stay in their tents for awhile and play until everyone else is also awake.

Privacy Under a Tent

Every child needs a special place for privacy. Especially in a household filled with other kids, or if a child shares a room with a sibling, a bed tent can provide a space to be alone. A private space is a perfect spot to read, think, play, or even talk with an imaginary friend!

Kids' Bed Tent Benefits and Themes