Kids' Wall Art Ideas

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Spruce up your child's bedroom with kids' wall art. If your budget is a little short, don't worry! We've got some great kids' wall art ideas that you and your kids can create together. Be sure and check out the links we've provided to some wall art products and ideas as well. Your kid will love her room's new look, and so will you.

Inspiration for Kids' Wall Art

Do you spend your days watching home and garden shows on HGTV? You're not alone. Many people tune in daily to look at ideas and gain a little inspiration from the various decorating gurus featured on these daily shows. Makeovers and remodeling projects are certainly popular among viewers of all ages, and kids shouldn't be left out.

Have you ever sat with your kids and watched shows in which other kids' rooms have been totally made over? Think you can't do the same? Think again! All things are possible with a little paint and fabric, some elbow grease, and a little know-how. For tips and inspiration:

  • Watch home and garden shows for a creative jumpstart to your decorating ventures.
  • Look at home and garden magazines.
  • Visit your local library, and check out some home improvement and decorating books.
  • Browse the Web for kids' wall art ideas.

Finding Wall Art

Wall art covers a variety of mediums and forms, including murals, paintings, and posters. For kids, the possibilities are endless. If you are going for the themed look, take your cue from items already in your boy's or girl's room, such as comforter sets and accessories. Check out local art supply stores, art fairs and sales, and stop by thrift stores and yard sales. You never know what you might find.

Posters and Prints

Places like Hobby Lobby run weekly sales. You might find posters and prints for 50% off one week, and frames discounted the next. With a little patience and perseverance, you can purchase some cute and whimsical kids' wall art without breaking the bank.

Looking for another economical way to use posters and/or prints? Purchase an art book filled with images and illustrations at a local thrift store, library book sale, or yard sale. Then, cut out the pictures, and frame them yourself.


Do you have a huge wall that you want to cover? You might want to consider using a wall mural. Places like Wall Nutz offer do-it-yourself wall murals, such as mural painting kits, wallpaper cutouts, and wall stickers. You can also create your own mural by projecting an image on the wall and free-handing it yourself.

Photo Art

Does your teenager have stacks and stacks of photographs and no place to store them? You and she can create unique kids' wall art using the photos she has of her friends and family. Use ribbons that are crisscrossed to cordon off a section of the wall, much like creating a bulletin board with ribbons. Use colorful tacks or hot glue the ribbons to the wall, attaching the ribbon every foot or so. She can now stick the edges of her photos into the ribbons. She can create a colorful border around the large collection of photos using wider ribbon, stick-on wall border, or even narrow chair rail.

Stencils and Hand Painting

Stencils are easy to use. Purchase inexpensive stencils at your local craft store, and create your own section of kids' wall art on any wall in your home. If you are artistic, try your hand at painting images, letters, patterns, etc. on the walls of your child's room as well.

Kids' Paintings

Do you have a budding artist in your home? Preserve his artwork in large poster frames, or mount them on huge pieces of cardboard. Next, use one wall to feature his work of the week or month. You might discover that he wants to add more and more to his mosaic art patterns, and thus you've inspired his creativity, too!

Other Sites

Finally, check out the following sites for kids' wall art products and ideas:

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