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Kids' Printable Birthday Cards

Kids Cupcake Birthday Card
Download this cupcake birthday card

Kids' printable birthday cards can be a real lifesaver. Imagine it's Saturday morning and your child is invited to yet another birthday party. You managed to get to the toy store to buy a gift, but you forgot to get a birthday card. What do you do now?

A birthday card is only as far away as your computer and your printer. It takes only a few minutes to produce kids' printable birthday cards in a number of formats and with a wide variety of images and greetings. Many can be customized with your own message. If you have a color printer, you can print a finished card in full color. If not, print a card in black and white and let your child color it in.

Because printer paper dimensions in the USA are usually 8.5" x 11", the most common card formats are a half fold (8.5" wide by 5.5" high) or quarter fold (4.25" wide by 5.5" high). While these formats may require a homemade envelope for mailing, they are easily made and do not require trimming. Some online card makers and card making software also let you select custom sizes for your finished cards. That lets you take advantage of blank cards sold at craft stores.

Free Printable Cards Online

If you need help downloading the printable birthday card, check out these helpful tips.

Everyone loves to get something for free, and there are numerous offers of free greeting cards online. Nonetheless, virtually all of these web sites either sell advertising space or they are selling their own products. There are many online sites offering kids' printable birthday cards; three sites are reviewed here:

This site offers a great selection of free birthday cards that can be customized and printed. Customizing options include a choice of fonts, font colors, and sizes, as well as a few effects and options for placing your original text. The interface isn't terribly difficult to use, but younger children will need an adult's help to create their cards. Envelopes can also be printed to go with the cards. Advertising is minimal, and the overall experience is very pleasant for adults and children alike.

This site has a huge number of printable cards; however, the user interface is not very friendly. There is lots of text on the page, but lots of card choices. All cards appear to be family friendly. The site provides a card maker that lets you customize your card online. There is an unobtrusive sponsor logo on back of each card. Cards require some trimming to remove the web site and page number information from the printed sheets.

This site does not require registration. It provides an online card maker with many options for kids' printable birthday cards. Images feature well-known cartoon characters. There is marginal advertising, but page content is kid friendly. You can print cards that have an image on the front and are blank inside. These cards are smaller than the standard letter paper but are printed with trim lines. You can add your own handwritten greeting.

Subscriptions for Kids' Printable Birthday Cards

Two major greeting card companies, Hallmark and American Greetings, as well as other online companies, such as Picture Buzz, offer subscription services, at their web sites. These services allow you to create unlimited professional-looking printable birthday cards for kids, as well as greeting cards for all occasions. If you use a large number of greeting cards each year, this option may be for you. Typically, these services run under $30 per year with some considerably less.

Kids' Printable Birthday Cards Software

You can also purchase software for your computer for making greeting cards. These all include images and greetings suitable for kids' birthday cards. They range in price from $10 (Printmaster Greeting Cards) to about $100 (The Print Shop). Here are some software packages that have options for kids' printable birthday cards:

  • Printmaster Greeting cards
  • Hallmark Card Studio
  • American Greetings CreateaCard
  • Greeting Card Creator
  • Pintmaster Platinum
  • The Print Shop

The site Cards for Causes provides an easy method for you to order greeting cards and in the process make a generous tax deductible donation to a worthy cause that benefits from your support.

There are many free card-making options online. In addition, if you make a lot of cards and want to be able to customize your cards, you may want to consider an online subscription or a card making software package. Some of the subscription services and the software packages also let you integrate your own digital photos into cards.

Kids' Printable Birthday Cards