Kids' Haircut Ideas for Girls and Boys

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There are many options now for kids' hair cuts. Whether long or short, or somewhere in the middle, there are limitless options for kids' hairstyles. You can cut your child's hair at home, or go to a children's hair salon for a special style.

Popular Styles for Kids

Some styles, like the bob and buzzcut, have been around for years. These classics never go out of style. Whether you stick to the traditional format or make the cuts a little more modern, your kids can't go wrong with these old favorites.

Reworking the Bob

If your daughter likes a bob, but wants to jazz it up a bit, try these ideas:

  • Inverted bob: Hair is tapered and short at the neck, and longer at the top.
  • Asymmetrical bob: Cut one side shorter than the other for a unique, edgy look.
  • Layered bob: Have the stylist cut layers all over the head for more volume.
  • Vary the length: Bobs may hit at the collarbone, jawline, chin, or shoulders. Choose the length that works best for your daughter.
  • Play with bangs: Bobs may be all one length, or they may have bangs. Let your daughter choose the look that works for her.
  • Work the ends: If your daughter is old enough to "fix" her hair, she can flip the ends or roll them under, depending on the style of the day.

Style Ideas for Boys

Crew cut

With the relatively short hair required for boys at most schools, you would think boys are limited in their style options. Guess again! Boys, like girls, can experiment with layers and bangs. Boys have the added advantage of being able to shave their heads or try out clippers. Some style options for boys include:

  • Buzz cut or crew cut: Using clippers, the stylist shears the hair to a length of less than 1/4 inch.
  • Flattop: The flattop is a form of crew top, but the top of the head is cut in a way that gives it a flat, boxy appearance.
  • Caesar: A short, layered cut with a fringe-like finish.
  • Bowl cut: Hair looks like a bowl has been placed on the head and cut around. This gives the hair a very rounded appearance.
  • Spikes: This style works best for boys who will take the time to style their hair. Hair is kept slightly longer on top and is styled, with gel or mousse, into spikes.

Kids' Hair Cut Gallery

Beautiful natural curls
Shoulder length cut with flipped ends
Long waves
Classic boy's cut
Bowl cut
Long spikes
Classic bob
Short bob
Lovely ringlets
Short spikes
Casual cool
Natural wave

Tips for the First Hair Cut

  • Make an appointment rather than drop in
  • Take your baby into the hair salon a few days before to get him familiar with the facility
  • Get your baby to watch himself in the mirror
  • Wave around a brightly colored stuffed animal to distract your baby
  • Hold or cuddle your baby during the cut if he is upset
  • Sit your baby in a special shaped chair, like a car or fire engine, during the cut if he seems calm
  • Let your baby play with a squirt bottle
  • Watch other children get their hair cut

Don't forget to bring a camera and ask for a lock of hair to document your baby's first hair cut.

Kids' Hair Cuts at Home

Unless you have a great deal of experience, it is not recommended that you provide kids' hair cuts at home. However, trimming bangs or using electric clippers on your son's hair can be a money and time saver. If you are determined to cut your child's hair at home, there are books that can help you.

Buzz Clippers and Boys

One option for boys' hair cuts is a buzz cut. These cuts are done with electric clippers that you can buy at drug stores. Different sized guards are used to achieve the desired length. While your child can be cut using buzz clippers, the chance is less than with scissors.

Buzz clippers are usually faster than a scissor cut, a bonus for children who have problems sitting still during a hair cut. A buzz cut can also be helpful for children afraid of getting their hair cut since it's over quickly. In addition, buzz clippers can be a nice investment if you regularly provide kids' hair cuts at home. Not only are you saving money, but your child may be more relaxed at home than in a barbershop or salon. Learning how to use buzz clippers is pretty easy, though it might take a few tries to get the perfect cut for your child.

However, some children don't like the sound of clippers, especially close to their ears. In addition, some children are tickled by the clippers and have problems sitting still.

Kid's Hair Salons

Salons for children are popping up everywhere. Kids' hair salons are built for kids with their needs in mind. They offer knowledgeable staff and distractions to keep children occupied while their hair is cut. Many children's hair salons offer television screens, DVD players, computers, and video game consoles where children can watch movies or play games. A few kids' salons also offer birthday party options, hair accessories, and manicures/pedicures for children.

Kids' salons include:

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Kids' Haircut Ideas for Girls and Boys