23 Classic Kids' Haircut Ideas

Classic Haircut Styles for Boys and Girls


No matter what your child's hair length or type, there is bound to be a classic kids' haircut that will work. Classic cuts have a timeless feel, and in many cases the cut can be styles in different ways depending on how your little one wants to wear it. Traditional cuts are also easy to convey to stylists, and they likely have done them many times before. Get inspired with a great new look for your child's next cut!

The boys' cut shown here features close-cropped sides and is slightly longer on top - a traditional look that works well for most young boys.

Chin-Length Bob With Bangs


A bob always has a classic feel, and when its angled slightly toward the face has an adorable look. Bangs are also classic, and work well for girls with straight hair. Girls with thick to medium-thick hair can also appreciate that the bangs will make hair care easier. Maintenance is easy - this is a wash and go style. Girls can easily change it up with fun accessories like hair bands and barrettes, too.

Medium Short Curly Hair Cut for Boys


Boys with naturally curly hair may not want a super short cropped haircut, but a classic medium short that is cut above the ears is a good compromise. They can show off their beautiful curls with a medium short length like this. Gentle natural hair products and conditioning can keep hair looking its best.

Girls Medium-Length Cut With Subtle Layers


A medium-length girls' hair cut that skims the shoulders is a great option for girls who are old enough to start taking care of their own hair. Subtle layers help give this cut a nice shape and add some interest. A few layers can frame the face, but girls with curly hair may want to avoid too many layers in order to keep hair from having too much volume.

Boys Classic Haircut for Fine Hair


If your boy has fine, straight hair, a classic haircut with the sides and back closely cropped and a longer length on top could be ideal. It's easy to manage, and very versatile as well because it can be combed over to the sides and either left natural or slicked down, or done up with some cute spikes with the addition of a little hair product like gel or pomade.

Reverse or Stacked Bob With No Bangs


The popularity of the reverse or stacked bob, that shorter in back and longer in front, has made it a classic. The style shown here is done without bangs, but it can be done with them as well. This cut is simple, stylish, and easy to manage, making it a good choice for girls on the go.

All-Over Short Cut for Boys


Young men with curly to wavy hair might like the look of this all-over short haircut. Its cut very short all around, but is left just slightly longer on the top to give it some extra style. A cut like this is easy for a young boy to manage and it's simple to keep it looking neat with regular trims.

Girls’ Pixie Haircut


A classic pixie cut is a cute style for a young girl. It frames the face and doesn't take a lot of work to style It works best for fine or thin hair; very thick or curly hair may not retain the shape as well. While pixie cuts are traditionally very short, a girl could opt to have it slightly longer in the front for more style options.

Classic Long Look for Boys


Some boys want a longer style, and this is a timeless look with it's all over longer length that is longer in the back than in the front. A cut like this works well with naturally wavy or curly hair. Depending on your child's hair type and thickness, it may require some hair product (such as flexible pomade) to help keep it tamed.

Long Blunt Cut


A simple look for girls with straight to wavy hair is a long length (past the shoulders) with blunt-cut ends. This one-length cut is easy to care for, but also has lots of styling options as well (such as braids, ponytails, pigtails, and more). If you little girl wants more flexibility with her look, then this would be a good choice.

Classic Bowl Haircut


The classic bowl haircut has hair that's longer on the top and gently slopes down the sides. It's been a children's haircut staple for many years and works well on most face shapes and hair types (though it may not work for very curly hair). It's a common look for young boys, but a little girl could also easily wear this cut as well.

Basic Short Cut for Girls


There are plenty of classic options for girls who want short styles. This basic short cut is a little different from a pixie because it's not as short at the back and sides, but still has a face-framing effect. It could work for most girls' hair types.

Boys Short Cut With Slight Bangs


An all-over short option for boys, this cut is a little longer in the front. The bangs on this style can be combed down, to the sides, or swooped up as shown in this image. It would work well for slightly curly, wavy, and straight hair types.

Long, Face-Framing Layers


A staple for long girls' hair styles, lots of face-framing layers make this a popular style. The angling of the layers that start at chin level and gradually increase in length until they meet the longest pieces is a timeless look. If your daughter's hair isn't naturally wavy, you can use a blow dryer and a round brush to turn the ends slightly in and under.

Short and Simple Boys’ Cut


Sweet and simple, this basic cut doesn't require a lot of fuss. It's a consistent length in being fairly short all over. While it looks great as is, a boy could also use some styling product to make some small spikes or comb it over with a side part for a very traditional look.

Bob Without Bangs


A bob without bangs is another cut that stands the test of time, and it can be styled so the ends turn just slightly under towards the face, or left as blunt ends. It can be parted on the side or in the middle, depending on a girl's preference. This look is good for most hair types.

Shaved Style


What could be easier for a little boy than a shaved style? It requires no styling, so it's good for even the youngest children. It's also a good option for summers or for regions with hot year-round temperatures. While it will look fine for some time without growing out, to keep it ultra-short will require more touch ups.

Soft, Layered Cut


Soft, subtle layers can help keep thick hair from becoming unruly and add a touch of classic style. The soft layers throughout this cut give it body and dimension without being too obvious. A cut like this can be worn with a deep side part as shown, or done with a more subtle part.

Shaved Sides and Longer on Top


Boys' haircuts with shaved sides have been known and loved for years. The slightly longer hair on top provides a nice contrast and is simple to style. Boys may want to comb it to the side or forward, depending on what look they prefer. The shaved-sides look is good for almost any hair type, from straight to very curly.

Medium-Length Natural Curls


A medium length girls' haircut that stops just above the shoulder is a pretty way to show off natural curls, but can also be suitable for most other hair types as well. It's long enough that girls can dress it up with hair accessories, but not so long that it's overwhelming to care for or style.

Classic Crew Cut


The classic crew cut is another great boys' style. Not as short as a shaved style, but consistently short all over and just slightly longer on top, this style requires hair clippers rather than comb and scissors. It's a great option for boys who want a neat hair look but will require frequent trims to keep it looking its best.

Girls Short Cut With Flipped Ends


A girls' haircut that has a fun, slightly retro feel, this above-the-chin length has a straight cut across the ends of the hair that is simple to style. If a girl's hair doesn't naturally have a wave to it that's easy to flip, flip it up at the ends by using a round brush and blow dryer or a large-barreled curling iron.

Sideswept Bangs


Sideswept bangs have become a mainstay, and they are ideal for girls for several reasons. Because the look is casual and carefree, the bangs don't need constant trims to look great. They also work well with different lengths and hair types. In addition, they are a good way to transition if a girl wants to grow out her bangs.

There are dozens of cute, classic haircut and hairstyle choices for kids of any age or style preferences. From short and sweet to long and lovely, the choices are endless.

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