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For many kids, bath time is a time of pure bliss while others fear the ritual of bathing. In either case, there are many safety precautions parents must take.

Parental Supervision

When children enjoy their time in the water, it is tempting to use the bath as a surrogate babysitter. Many children will happily spend hours splashing and playing in the tub if parents or caregivers allow. Still, parents must resist the urge to leave kids unsupervised while in any type of water. Kids need constant supervision in the tub until approximately age six. While the threat may seem minimal, young children can slip underwater. It only takes a couple of inches of water to drown a toddler or young child.

Water Temperature

Scalding is another real threat in kids' baths. To minimize the risk of a serious burn, set your water heater to 120 degrees farenheit or less. Then, teach toddlers and young children that they are not allowed to touch the water faucet. As kids grow older, teach them proper use of the water controls.

Water temperature should be approximately 95 degrees. There are several safety products on the market that help parents ensure that the water temperature stays within an appropriate range. These include:

Avoiding Injuries

Avoid slips with SpongeBob.
Avoid slips with SpongeBob

Despite the small space, the potential for injuries in the bathtub is huge. Kids can hit their heads on the faucet, causing cuts and bruises. Protective faucet covers, such as the Faucet Friends by Kelgar, are available to protect delicate noggins. These protective covers are available in a variety of fun, kid-friendly designs, including elephant, duck, and hippo.

Kids can also slip in the tub and either bump their heads or slip underwater. Rubber mats or decals can help prevent this. For decidedly kid-friendly design, try:

Injuries can also occur as children are exiting the tub. To minimize the risk, use a nonslip bath rug near the tub. Teach kids to dry off completely before walking on the bare bathroom floor.

Kids' Bath Toys

If your kids enjoy bath time, kids' bath toys only increase the fun. Bath activities can also sometimes entice reluctant bathers to tolerate their time in the tub. For fun water play, try:

Bath Toys Safety

Even with bath toys you must practice safety first. The following guidelines will help keep bathtime play fun and safe for everyone:

  • Keep a bath toy holder within reach. To prevent trips and falls, return the toys to their proper place after each use.
  • Wet toys provide a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Dry the toys after each use. The toys should also be cleaned with a disinfectant spray periodically.
  • Check toys daily for broken or damaged pieces. To prevent choking or other injuries, toys should be discarded at the first sign of damage.
  • Observe the recommended age range on toys.
  • Instruct kids in the proper use of toys.
  • Do not allow rough play in the bath.
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Great Products for Kids' Baths