Kids' Bed Options

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Parents have many options when it comes to buying kids' beds. With so many great choices available, it helps to narrow the field first by deciding on the appropriate size, price range and style you are looking for.

Toddler Beds

Anyone who has raised kids knows that when it comes to furniture for toddlers, it must be durable and safe. The following retailers of toddler beds offer durable, safe furniture that is very appealing to young children:

  • Step 2 offers durable toddler beds made of resin. This hard plastic material wipes clean easily with a damp cloth, making it perfect for the young Picasso who occasionally decides to add some extra color to his bed. Step 2 has a great looking race car bed for a boy, and an adorable pink and white sleigh bed for girls. You can also get a twin bed made from the same material that features built-in ladders on each side, raised sides for extra security and a large storage area underneath the bed.
  • Buy Buy Baby offers 2-in-1 convertible chair and toddler beds that convert into an oversized chair when the bed is not in use. Two different styles are available, and Buy Buy Baby also offers standard toddler beds.

Traditional Twin Beds

Some children may be ready for a twin-size bed right after they graduate from a crib, while others may enjoy a toddler-sized bed before graduating to the twin size. An additional option is to purchase a bed designed similarly to a toddler bed, being lower to the ground and easier to get in and out of, but that has a twin-size mattress instead of crib-sized. If you're looking for a simple, standard twin size bed, try the following online retailers:

  • The Land of Nod features minimalist, simple or traditional styles. Land of Nod has attractive, painted wood beds for girls and boys. Shipping costs include in-home setup. This retailer has a partnership with Crate and Barrel and currently has four storefront locations located in Oakbrook, Illinois, Northbrook, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois and Seattle, Washington if you prefer to visit the shop instead of buying online.
  • Pottery Barn Kids is another good choice for traditional-style wood beds in your choice of finishes, such as Honey, Espresso and White. Pottery Barn will send you a wood swatch for $20 so that you can see exactly what the finish will look like; if you return the swatch within 30 days, you get your money back. These beds can be shipped by standard UPS or you can have in-home delivery and setup for an additional $100.

Platform, Captain and Trundle Beds

Platform beds have storage space under the bed, and captain beds have drawers built underneath the bed that come in handy for extra storage for clothes and toys. Trundle beds are another good space-saving option for an extra pull-out bed. Visit the following online retailers to view these bed styles:

  • Kids' Furniture Mart is an excellent resource for kids' beds. You can find a variety of beds, including trundle beds, platform beds, captains beds, day beds and more, all at very reasonable prices, starting around $200. Check periodically for sales and free shipping.
  • Trundle Bed Store offers very affordable pricing, with simple platform beds starting under $200. You can also find specialty trundle beds, such as bunk bed trundle beds and trundle daybeds.
  • Humble Abode offers trundle beds with metal frames and bookcase beds with tons of storage for knick knacks, books and toys. Best of all, you get free shipping no matter what type of bed you decide to buy.

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Bunk beds are a great option for siblings who share a room. Bunk beds give you the option of having a twin bed and a full-size bed in the space that a full-size bed would take. Even if you have a single child, a bunk bed can still be a good choice if your child finds it fun. Any time a friend sleeps over there is enough space without sleeping on the floor.

Loft beds allow for ample storage or extra furniture underneath, such as a computer desk. You can also arrange another twin bed to go partially underneath a loft bed, forming an L shape, or put a comfortable chair at one end. With this option, you can still include a desk at the other end of the bed. This type of arrangement with a loft bed is ideal for small rooms or for children who want lots of floor space for playing.

loft bed

Look for bunk beds and loft beds online at:

  • Simply Bunk Beds has a fun assortment of Nickelodeon bunk beds and loft beds, featuring characters such as SpongeBob, Dora and Diego. Some beds feature a tent with roll-up door, and a stairway instead of a ladder to the top level.
  • Loft Bed Station is another place where you can find beds that double as a play area. Loft beds include slides, tents and towers. You can also find beds with built-in dressers and bookcases.
  • Rooms to Go has a great selection of beds at very affordable prices. Find wood bunk beds and metal desk loft beds as low as $250. These are great prices considering many of these types of beds start at $1,000.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds have been a favorite style for young girls for many generations. Canopy beds can be covered in fabric or left open to display the canopy frame, which is often made from wood or metal. The following retailers carry canopy beds:

  • Rosenberry Rooms is for elegant, old-fashioned, feminine style furnishings like Corsican Iron canopy beds. These beautiful, Victorian style beds will make your daughter feel like a real princess, especially if she sleeps in the Carriage Iron Canopy Bed, which is fashioned after Cinderella's pumpkin carriage.

Kids' Input

No matter what style of bed you think might best suit your child, it's usually a good idea to solicit your child's input in the decision-making process. Help with the practicalities, but allow your child to dream up how she wants her room to look and what kind of bed will take center stage in that image.

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