Kids' Pirate Games for Parties or Groups

Boys playing pirates in a cardboard ship
Batten down the hatches!

There are plenty of kid pirate games that will liven up any pirate themed kids' parties or play group. Here's a few ideas that are sure to make your pirate party more adventurous!

Plank Games

Rather than walking a real plank, kids can reenact this popular pirate adventure with a fun musical game instead! To construct, cut large pieces of cardboard into strips resembling wide, narrow planks. The plank segments should be wide enough for the children to stand on, but small enough to require balance. Once the sections are placed together, start playing a festive song, and encourage the kids to wiggle and dance while standing on the plank. Once the music stops, anyone who has fallen off the plank is out of the game! This fun music and movement game is perfect for expending anxious energy.

Pin the Parrot

As a clever variation to the popular pin the tail on the donkey game, a pin the tail feather on the parrot is certainly a more festive option for kids pirate games. If you have trouble finding a premade game, search for a parrot photo or image on the Internet and print the colored picture, make sure to crop the tail to remove it from the image. Once you have the parrot photo, you can resize it to larger proportions and have it printed at an office supply or local print shop. Consider laminating the finished piece for added durability. To play, gather a blindfold, a large thumbtack or pushpin, and an ornate tail feather and let the fun begin!

Treasure Games

Treasure hunts are a must for pirate parties. For a unique spin on a traditional treasure hunt, stuff chocolate gold coins with small, handwritten clues as to where the kids should hunt for their next treasure.

A scavenger hunt is another fun game for a pirate party, provided adults are available to chaperon children around the neighborhood. In keeping with the pirate theme, make sure the treasures are suitable. An eye patch, costume jewelry, swords, compasses, toy sailboats, and skull and crossbones themed gifts are appropriate souvenirs or treasures for the hunt.

Message in a Bottle

A fun pirate activity that includes a keepsake is a message in a bottle craft. Purchase empty clear bottles from the craft store, or buy Mason jars, and have him write a special note about his family, friends, or favorite things. Once the secret notes have been written, tighten the bottle lids and write the date to be opened on a scroll of paper. The scrolls can be affixed to the outside of the bottles with raffia or cotton string. The kids can decide whether or not to keep their bottle as a time capsule, and open it on the date written, or they can bury or toss the bottle in a large body of water, with hopes that someone will discover their secret message!

Find the Crocodile

Find the crocodile is a popular activity that requires little more than a timer and an active imagination! Put her on a search for a crocodile after you've hidden a ticking egg timer. The ticking egg represents the croaking crocodile, so be creative and place the timer in an inconspicuous place. Once the timer rings, the game is over!

Gold Panning

If the weather allows, gold panning is a clever pirate game that kids are sure to enjoy! Fill a sandbox or kiddie pool with sand and bury gold spray painted rocks in the basin. Kids can search for the golden nuggets and shake off the sand in tin foil pie pans, simply punch some holes in the bottom to turn the pie pan into a sifter!

Apple Bobbing

Bobbing for apples is another great pirate kids game. Fill a large galvanized barrel with apples and water, and have kids lean over the edge with the arms tied behind their backs, to reach the apples stems with their teeth. As always, make sure this game takes place only with adult supervision.

Inventing Your Own Kid Pirate Games

There are endless ideas for pirate games! Use your imagination, natural resources, and consider the weather when deciding on appropriate pirate games for your next themed party. Pirate parties are memorable and very exciting for lads and lassies, and the expense can be kept to a minimum with proper planning and a few well-thought out games and activities.

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Kids' Pirate Games for Parties or Groups