Kid-Friendly Portable DVD Players to Consider

DVD Players for Kids

Whether you are going for an extended road trip with the family or you're taking a short drive across town, providing the kids in the back seat with a DVD player can help entertain them. With a variety of features ranging from appealing, kid-friendly design to easy-to-navigate menus, make your next trip easy with a portable DVD player.

Best Portable DVD Players for Children

The exact features and design desired for a portable DVD player will depend heavily on the age of the child. Some products are certainly better for certain age groups than others.

Lexibook Portable Kids' DVD Player

The Lexibook Portable DVD Player is certainly geared toward children, but it has a more adult-oriented clamshell design, including a swiveling display. This introduces more moving parts, so it may not be able to withstand rough handling, but the design gives greater versatility by allowing the child to adjust the angle of the display accordingly. Features of this DVD player include:

  • Seven inch display
  • Supports DVD and DVD-R/RW movies, as well as VCD, MPEG-4 and JPEG
  • Plays music and shows jpeg photos
  • Easily charged via a USB connection
  • SD card slot for additional expansion and a remote control too

Reviewers applaud its durability, saying that this is a "great deal for a rough and independent boy." The Lexibook is listed at just under $80.

Philips Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

You're on a long road trip, with two little ones in back, each of whom wants to watch something different. Addressing this problem is Phillips with a dual screen portable DVD player. It is a portable DVD player, but the key feature that differentiates it from other DVD players is that it comes with dual nine-inch displays. This way, when there are two kids in the back, each of them can have their own nine-inch screen to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. Other features include:

  • Car mounting straps for ease of hands-free viewing
  • The AC adapter, AV cable and car adaptor are all included
  • The player can support movies, music and photos
  • The controls are on the "main" unit, while the secondary unit simply acts as a second display.

Most reviewers had positive things to say, noting that the dual screens was an especially nice feature.

Disney Princess P7100PD Portable DVD Player

Having the right branding and the right kinds of colors can mean the world of difference to a kid. Many young girls love the Disney princesses, so this portable DVD player in pink could make for one happy little princess. The Disney Princess P7100PD is a portable DVD player with a seven-inch, flip-up display in a clamshell style design. Features of this DVD player are fit for a princess and include:

  • Integrated speakers and Dolby Digital decoder provide great audio
  • A 16:9 wide aspect screen
  • Navigation is easy and user-friendly
  • It will support CDs, as well as DVDs

Reviews on Argos are overwhelmingly positive, calling it an "excellent buy for any little princess." The Disney Princess DVD Player retails for around $95.

Kid-Friendly Considerations

When you're looking for a DVD player that your child is going to use, consider the following options to see if it will 'pass the test':

  • Durability: It is likely that younger children will drop and bump their toys, so the portable DVD player must be built to withstand this kind of abuse.
  • Controls: The controls should be simple enough, ideally with larger buttons, so the child can understand how to use the DVD player.
  • Anti-Skip: Since a DVD player uses optical media, any technology that helps to prevent skipping and other issues when the player is jostled would be advantageous.
  • Battery Life: The average children's movie can be up to two hours in length, so the battery should last at least long enough to play through one DVD.

Getting a DVD with all of these features will help ensure that both you and your child are pleased with the purchase.

Kid-Friendly Portable DVD Players to Consider