Great Family Activities for Labor Day

Mother And Daughters Picking Up Litter In Suburban Street

When the end of summer draws near, Labor Day is known as the last finale for outdoor celebrations and barbecues. Labor Day is a great day to relax and enjoy the laissez-faire pace of the last of the summer days. Use this labor day to enjoy some family bonding fun.

Support Your Community

Not everyone gets Labor Day off. Take some time out and appreciate those who give tirelessly to make your community a better place to live.

Visit Your Local Fire or Police Department

Local firemen and policemen can never get too much praise for their hard work and bravery. To celebrate the officers and firemen in your city, call the local stations and find out if you can pay a visit with your children. Help kids draw a few pictures expressing their gratitude, or bake cookies for the staff. Once you arrive at the station, see if you can take a tour of the fire truck and let your kids pay their gratitude to the hardworking, helping hands in your city.

Neighborhood Cleanup/Block Party

Everyone loves to have the Labor Day picnic. Combine yours with a neighborhood cleanup project. As a neighborhood, decide on an idea - whether it be beautifying yards or helping an elderly neighbor or doing a littler pick up. Then after the work is done, celebrate Labor Day with a potluck picnic that brings the neighborhood together.

Visit a Nursing Home

Use Labor Day to remember those who once worked hard to bring forth a new age. Visit a nursing home just to do a good deed; however, if you can get a resident talking - ask him or her what it was like when they were your age. Most young people find these stories fascinating and enlightening.

Labor Day - Themed

Maybe the long weekend is just what you need to unwind and relax before strating the grind of the workplace again. If that's the case, stick with one of these tried and true favorites for celebrating Labor Day.

Dress Up Party

For imaginary play and to celebrate the labor force, why not plan a dress up party? Costumes begin hitting retail shelves in September, so chances are good you can find a number of uniforms perfect for Labor Day dress-up. Let your children pick their career, and they can dress as a nurse, a fire chief, or a police officer while they celebrate Labor Day in style!


To start the day off right, you may want to enlist your kids in some work. Assign chores such as dishwashing, bed making, and laundry duties to the appropriate age. Explain to your kids what Labor Day means, and let them find the motivation and drive to complete small tasks throughout the day. In the working world, every small chore normally pays a salary. Let them choose their career (housekeeper, janitor, chef) and pay them an affordable allowance for their hard work.

Tried and True Fun

Looking to just relax or have your last hurrah before summer officially ends? These ideas are tried and true family favorites. Pick one and make it your Labor Day tradition.

Down the River

If you're seeking outdoor ideas, why not consider a kayak or canoe trip? If you live near any natural body of water, chances are good you have access to boat and kayak rentals. While cost is subject to vary, boat and canoe rentals are normally billed at an hourly rate. This outdoor activity is great exercise and also instills family teamwork.

Hit the Museum

If your local weather is still unbearable, a trip to an air-conditioned museum is a great escape! While museum holiday hours may vary, many are open and are excited to entertain the history buffs on this national holiday.

Wash Your Cars

While certainly not the most exciting activity for adults, car washing can be great fun for the kids in your clan. Not only will this chore be a family bonding experience, it's an affordable option that takes little more than a hose and some soap. Get out and enjoy the great weather while sudsing up the family car.


If your climate has a break in sticky weather, why not pack up the tents and hit the nearest campground for some much deserved rest and relaxation? Family campgrounds will often host a variety of events just for the holiday, but plan early. Most campsites book quickly for holiday weekends, so reserve your space well in advance.

Plan it Out

In order to execute a family activity or event, proper planning is crucial. Grocery stores are packed come holidays, so shop in advance to avoid long lines and chaos. Pre-purchased tickets can help you save some cash at entertainment and theme parks. Finally, if you venture out of town for a road trip, book your travel accommodations early and fill up the car before gas prices inevitably rise during this busy, end-of season holiday.

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Great Family Activities for Labor Day