Inspirational Poems About Parenting

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Inspirational poems about parenting have a wide variety of uses - from offering encouragement to being a special part of a card or scrapbook. Read on for resources on finding great parenting poems, creative uses of inspirational verse, and more!

Parenting: The Greatest Inspiration

Becoming a parent is one of life's biggest challenges -- and greatest inspirations. With the vast range of emotions that accompanies having children, from incredible fear and worry to intense love and joy, it is no wonder that parenting is a popular theme for poetry and literature. Writers have delved into the perpetual muse of parenting for centuries, and there are poems, verses, and quotes penned that apply to virtually every stage, parenting style, and relationship with children, from the innocence of infancy to the relationships of adult children with their parents.

Finding Inspirational Poems about Parenting

There are many parents' resources available to find inspirational verse related to children and parenting, and even some children's literature focuses on parenting. Internet sites may have poems written by renowned authors as well as contemporary writers. Some sites allow users to submit their own poetry to share and be reviewed by other community members. Just keep in mind to comply with the usage policies and copyright policies when using poems from a site - and it's always in your best interest to give credit to the author.

The following websites offer inspirational parenting poems:

  • Authors Den: Users can submit poetry that can be shared, read, and reviewed by other users. You can browse by category, such as Family, or use the search box to enter terms such as parenting or children for related poems.
  • Abundant Fun Poems: Browse the list of user-submitted poems for poetry about parenting and children. Enables easy poem sharing with e-mail buttons next to each poem.

Creating Your Own Inspirational Parenting Poetry

Even if you don't think of yourself as a poet or writer, you may still be able to come up with an inspirational poem, especially if the poem is for a particular person or particular occasion. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Think of the person whom the poem will be about or for, and make a list of his or her unique characteristics. You can also use the letters of the person's name to create an acronym about the person as wonderful parent (or child). This can form the basis of a poem.
  • Think of a particular experience or occasion and write as many details about it as you can (a birth or graduation, for example). Use pictures, cards, or other keepsakes to jog your memory and fill in any sketchy details, such as colors, site, scents, sounds, and expressions.
  • Consider how time has changed your relationship as a parent (or as a child if for you own mother or father). Write down things that have changed and things that have stayed the same as an inspiring contrast.
  • Write down any personal thoughts, words of encouragement, religious text, or other tidbits that have helped or encouraged you as a parent and collect them together as personalized poetry collection.

Use specific, concrete details whenever possible, and allow your own emotions and thoughts to guide you. Use language that is comfortable to you - free verse can be beautiful, and doesn't have to have a specific structure or rhyme.

What to Do With Your Inspirational Verses

Whether you choose a verse written by another person or poetry you've written yourself, there are dozens of ways to share the encouragement and emotions in parenting poetry. Here are just a few ideas:

  • E-mail to others
  • Send in a card or letter
  • Create personalized cards or scrolls
  • Create personalized magnets
  • Create bookmarks
  • Have the poem screened on a personalized t-shirt
  • Frame the poem with appropriate artwork or photos
  • Personalize on jewelry
  • Write on a cake for a special occasion
  • Use in scrapbook pages

Whether you use inspirational poems about parenting as a token of personal encouragement for yourself, on a simple handwritten note to a friend or neighbor, or on personalized jewelry or other gifts for special occasions, the heartfelt verses drawn from the life-changing experience of parenting are sure to be treasured.

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Inspirational Poems About Parenting