Hunting Games for Kids Online

Susie McGee
Little boy holding a gun

Hunting games for kids safely introduces your kids to the world of hunting. In fact, online hunting games and similar software may totally satisfy your kids' need to become a hunter.

Fun Hunting Games for Kids

There are numerous hunting games for kids available on the Internet, and many of them can be played for free. In addition, you can find hunting games software for your computer. Before your kids begin playing the hunting games you find, use this time to talk to them about hunting safety.

Even if you never plan on taking your kids on a real hunting expedition, the safety precautions you discuss with them today may one day be used in the future. Also, be sure and play these games first before allowing your kids to do so. While they may be labeled appropriate for children, there may be more violence or graphic video than you prefer.

Popular Online Hunting Games

The following is a list of popular hunting games that you can find online:

  • Duck Hunt-Remember the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt? Well this game is still around, and now your kids can play it online. It's very similar to the original game, although you have to use your mouse and keyboard instead of a game control pad. For each duck you hit, you accumulate more points. Each round becomes more difficult as you progress through the game, and you also have the option of trying to shoot two ducks at one time.
  • Balloon Hunter-If you don't want your kids hunting the real deal, then you'll love this entertaining, albeit different, hunting game. The object of the game is to shoot the balloons with a bow and arrow as they are released from a barrel. The higher the balloon is when you hit it, the more points you earn. For additional difficulty, a wind meter is in place that you can read to judge when and where to aim.
  • Big Bird Hunting-This animated hunting game is simple yet fun for kids of all ages to play. You control a crossbow by clicking and holding your computer mouse. The more birds you shoot, the more points you earn.
  • Outdoors Shootout-You'll have a chance to hunt a variety of animals on this game. Your weapon of choice is a shotgun, and you'll be on the lookout for everything from hawks and crows to rats and rabbits.
  • It-Kids Elk Hunting-This is a fun and simple game that your kids will love to play. The concept of the game is quite simple-using a virtual water gun, you need to shoot the elks without hitting the birds.
  • Rabbit Hunting-Shoot the rabbits, and save the farm! Using your mouse, hover your cursor over any rabbits you see as they pop out of hiding. Simply click your mouse to "shoot" the rabbits. The more rabbits you shoot, the more points you earn!

Hunting Video and Computer Games

The computer isn't the only venue that offers kids' hunting games. If you have a video gaming console, you'll find lots of different kinds of hunting games available that you and your kids can enjoy:

  • Amazon-Finally, don't forget to visit Amazon for a great selection of computer hunting games for you and your kids to play.

Hunting games for kids are a great way to introduce this hobby into your child's life.

Hunting Games for Kids Online