Summer Camps in Houston

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Are you looking for a summer camp for your child in the Houston area? Here are a few options that can help kids in the Houston area turn a boring summer into a summer filled with adventure and lots of new friends.

Summer Camp Options in Houston

Houston summer camps for kids offer a wide variety of choices for children in the Houston, Texas area. Check out the sites below as you search for the perfect fit for your child. Keep in mind, however, that while each website may offer you all the information you think you need to enroll your child, you might want to call and talk to someone for more reassurance as to the care of your child.

  • Houston YMCA: The YMCA typically offers a wide variety of summer programs for kids of all ages. Participants can choose from the Y Day Camp for ages five to 12 years, Teen Camp for ages 12 to 14, and the YMCA CIT (counselor in training) for ages 15 and older.
  • Kidventure Camps: Parents can choose from a variety of camps at Kidventure. From the Houston and Austin summer day camps to the Safari overnight camps, kids can participate in a wide array of activities for ages three up to fourteen . Kids can choose a day camp from over nine different campsites in the Houston area. The overnight Safari Camp offers one and two week adventures at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, Texas for kids between the ages of eight and 14.
  • Camp Coyote :Located one hour north of Houston, Camp Coyote is a wonderful choice for kids seeking summer adventures. Horseback riding is a primary feature of the camp, but kids can also participate in swimming, fishing, drama, arts and crafts, and a variety of sports activities. Campers can choose from one, two, or three week sessions.

Choosing the Right Type of Camp

The type of camp you choose for your child really depends on your budget, your child's needs, and your and your child's preferences. Overnight camps are generally more expensive than day camps. Camps that are centered around a specific area or talent, like music or horseback riding, may be more costly than a general camp as well.

Before you choose a camp for your child, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Budget: What sort of camp can you afford? Be sure you get a list of expenses, such as meals, extracurricular activities, and supplies.
  • Skills: Do you want a camp that focuses on one skill for your child? Sports and dramatic arts camps are popular choices, and these may be day camps or week-long, overnight camps.
  • Age: How old is your child? The age of your child will play a significant role in the type of camp you choose. Pre-schoolers and elementary school-aged kids will not usually attend overnight camps, but short day camps are fun options. Older kids may enjoy camps that last a week or longer.

Enjoy Summer Fun in Houston

These camps are just a select few of the many that can be found in the Houston area. Visit each of the above sites, and see for yourself all that these camps have to offer your child.

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